Wien Energie & ViewAR on Industry 4.0

E JAugmented Reality

Austria’s largest regional energy provider uses Augmented Reality powered by ViewAR.

Wien Energie is responsible for ensuring the reliable supply of electricity, natural gas and heating to around two million people, 230,000 businesses and industries, and 4,500 farms in the Greater Vienna metropolitan area. Activities also performed by the company include waste recycling, providing energy-related advice and services, facility management, telecommunications. Also, Wien Energie is active in a number of projects in Europe.

Wien Energie’s vision

„We want to become more innovative and enter into new cooperations“, Wien-Energie-Chief Michael Strebl stated when taking over his new position as the chairman of the board in autumn 2016. During the “Energie Innovation Challenge 2017” one particular project presented by a team of Wien Energie, ViewAR and WienIT impressed the executive board convincingly. The use of Augmented Reality technology in maintenance services was evaluated as a pioneering step towards industry 4.0.

Applications using AR technology demonstrate measurable advantages when it comes to maintenance procedures. Supported by hardware like Microsoft’s HoloLens, a repairmen could use relevant real-time data of the plant to evaluate the situation and plan further steps, even anchoring virtual information to certain positions inside the plant. This simplifies the daily work of the repairmen, enabling them to recall instructions for their activities like how to change a filter or recognising certain parts of the machines ahead.

Augmented Reality shows the way

Indoor Navigation via AR leads the right persons to the appropriate places, enabling them to collaborate with others, e.g. specialists, not physically present at the site. But AR’s true strength in industry 4.0. is revealed in tense situations, crisis you might say, in which certain expertise normally isn’t available and must be requested from abroad. Here the display of the head-mounted display does a highly useful management job for effective maintenance.

This is quite a big achievement. “The device recognises what you are currently looking at and displays relevant data, allowing a hands-free approach all the time”, explains Markus Meixner, CTO and owner of ViewAR, some of the undisputed advantages of the project. ViewAR’s system leads to effective communication in accordance to the aspirations of industry 4.0, saving time and money on the way. Wien Energy has already understood the great potential of the co-operation with ViewAR.

  • Real time data at the point of action
  • Effective indoor navigation
  • Efficient use of expertise

“The innovation-challenge has opened new paths within our company. Combining our well-oiled machinery in Wien Energie with the dynamic world of start-ups brought us new impulses. Times, when innovations were exclusively developed inside our doors and afterwards promoted in order to become profitable are over. It must be allowed to try something new, otherwise we will surely fail in a long term”, states Karl Gruber, managing director of Wien Energie. The development and use of Augmented Reality in the biomass power plant Simmering was the first step to test new technology for its applicability. The positive feedback of all partners involved now opens new chances on the way to digital plants and further industry 4.0 projects.

German RIKA sets new standards with AR

E JAugmented Reality

The German market leader for premium fireplaces and pellet stoves reads the signs of the times by going AR with ViewAR.

For more than 60 years RIKA has been active in the field of metalworking. Today the company is one of the leading providers of high quality wood-burning stoves and the market leader for pellet stoves in German-speaking countries. The commitment to innovation, design and quality is reflected in the continuous development of the stoves. Rika has fully 14 people working in their research and development department and participates in numerous public innovation projects as well.

Rika’s Philosophy

„We don’t just make stoves – we provide quality of life.“, explains the owner of Rika, Karl Riener, his company’s philosophy. And his word is law in all parts of his worldwide acting firm. That’s why the idea of an Augmented Reality app was realised, enabling customers to experience Rika’s premium fireplace solutions in their own environment before buying it.

“Rika represents a family-owned company and a tradition that has been carried on from one generation to the next; a tradition that engages the whole family. As a brand, Rika represents the great passion we have for what we do. We stand for active responsibility – towards our customers and our staff, but also responsibility towards the environment and the generations to come”, boldly summarises the son of the founder his business attitude.

ViewAR’s contribution to the future of customer relation management

ViewAR‘s sophisticated app technology is the logical choice when an innovative company like Rika has decided to improve satisfaction amongst existing and future customers. Augmented Reality offers exactly the desired authentic experience that is so sorely missing in most present online approaches.

But Rika’s claim reaches far more out than just providing a “good look”. Sustainability isn’t just reserved for the right choice of materials but can be found in the implementation of the new technology too, serving the strong criteria of the company when it comes to responsibility for customers, workers and the generations to come. Perfect design serves the sole purpose to provide pleasing solutions to customers at any time and any place, communicated ideally through ViewAR’s Augmented Reality app.

A new era dawns, replacing eCommerce to the more appealing arCommerce. Compromises mustn’t be allowed when it comes to 3D design, synchronising the virtual images as close as possible to experienced reality. ViewAR represents the uncompromising search for quality, that’s why worldwide leading companies have decided to team up with the Austrian provider of AR solutions.

Interio on the way to AR

E JAugmented Reality

The sector-giant from Austria displays strong innovational power with its Augmented Reality strategy.

Interio looks back to a long tradition in furniture retail. Over 300 workers and employees produce a turnover of over 30 Mio. Euro and allows Interio to establish a firm market position inside its target group, offering a mix of designer-interieur and affordable quality furniture.

Interio: Customers decide faster and more impulsive

The managing director and owner Janet Kath knows the market like no-one else. “Customer nowadays tend to impulsive purchases. They decide faster and like to get the products to their home faster.” So, how can we lead customers at the point of decision more easily to the desired direction?

“Retail is Change”, ist the short but distinctive answer, and that’s why Austrian’s technology provider ViewAR was engaged to open the path for new innovative approaches. The Interio-app ist the answer to the key question, how close-to-reality customer experience can be transformed into sales. Augmented Reality applications have already proved their effectiveness in various branches, that’s why business insider talk about arCommerce as the next logical evolution of eCommerce. “Customers need service personal again”, states Mrs. Kath, and AR can offer such a service in an entertaining way and consecutively win clients for the sortiment. So, it’s not the question whether but how fast this technology will be adapted and how fast companies will offer solutions inside this thrilling new opportunity.

From visualization to sales

But it’s not just the highly qualitative visualization of products which ViewAR can be proud of but the connection to the existing webshop. Innovative technology of ViewAR closes the circle and makes Augmented Reality really more than visual stimulants for a purchase, it becomes arCommerce.

An important step was made. “Many companies “just” want to “be a part” of Augmented Reality, but often miss the fact that only the whole process leads to measurable success”, points Markus Meixner, CTO and owner of ViewAR, at the dangers of the market. “eCommerce already provides best practice processes, arCommerce is relied on its obvious effects, hoping for customers to buy based on it.” Only companies like Interio, engaging in thrilling visualizations and effective processes, will succeed with such technology.

ViewAR’s trusted approaches bases on clients all around the world, sharing the experience with the developers and guaranteeing a constant improvement of AR technology. This competitive advantage can be used by new clients, building their AR approaches by using this very experience. However, Interio has made a big and useful leap forward into the only feasible future. Success will prove them right.

Royal Botanie’s AR app released

E JAugmented Reality

Royal Botania, the belgian furniture giant, creating the most refined diverse choice of outdoor collections in the world, starts AR co-operation with Austrian-based ViewAR.

Royal Botania from Belgium employs over 800 people worldwide, with over 50 of them located at the head office situated in Antwerp, Belgium. There is also a 100,000m3 large warehouse that stores all of the products before they are carefully sent out to many happy customers worldwide. Over the years, Royal Botania has earned an acclaimed reputation for creating the most refined, diverse choice of outdoor collections in the world.

Successfully facing a great challenge

“Royal Botania is a giant in its industry and we are delighted to provide our technology for a premium garden furniture project“, states Phillip Fumolo, CEO of ViewAR, “our reputation to deliver best possible 3D design quality goes along with Royal Botania’s fundamental strategy.”

When it comes to premium garden furniture, and Royal Botania surely can claim the reputation for it, customers all around the world expect a certain level of quality when presenting such exquisite products in 3D. The stakes were high, but ViewAR, known for its high-end visualization standards, delivered outstanding results.

Even more, relying on ViewAR’s worldwide expertise, functionality and usability of the Royal Botania App hit the mark. Standard AR features were combined with a highly sophisticated terrace-planner, enabling customers to build their terrace as a model, when a live-view isn’t at hand. Such approach serves retailers perfectly, developing garden designs for their customers.

Again, AR-solutions of ViewAR in the segment of premium garden furniture demonstrate the superiority of arCommerce to a pure eCommerce strategy. First results will confirm it soon.