Helpar – Object Tracking & Remote Support

ViewAR is releasing a remote assistance template! Get to know the easiest way to integrate such a functionality in your workflow. You can even get access to the full source of the template to modify it your needs.

Creating a remote assistance application requires integration of numerous components like tracking systems, 3D rendering of contents and animations, user interface, application logic, streaming of video image & tracking information, audio connection, server infrastructure and lots more.

Sounds like a hassle for a company who is not specialised on AR applications… What if you could leave it all to us and just concentrate on the content?

ViewAR offers turn-key solutions in a form of templates where you can use already developed functionalities without a need to thoroughly understand the code. Furthermore, the solutions may be further extended and customised thanks to the access to the source code.

The template includes features like displaying step by step instructions, transferring touches in both directions, streaming of the camera image, voice-over-ip and synchronised scenes what opens a wide range of scenarios ranging from customer support, through supporting field engineers and technicians to giving live demos. Furthermore, we have already integrated more than a dozen tracking systems – ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, Wikitude, visionLib, just to name a few.

In order to try a free version of the Helpar template yourself, visit our developer portal: https://developer.viewar.com and follow the tutorial.

Why use the ViewAR template?

The Remote Assistance market offers a few solutions, however they are functioning as isolated programs. ViewAR solution may be integrated into an existing system, increasing the value dramatically, since information may be stored and reused.

Want full source access? Use the viewar-cli!

If you want, you can fully modify and extend the source code to your needs. Just install the viewar-cli (“npm install -g viewar-cli”) and select “Helpar Object Tracking”.

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