Transforming Navigational Experience with Augmented Reality

With he best indoor navigation solution

Unlock Seamless Indoor Navigational Experience

Dive into the world of the VIEWAR Indoor Navigation System – it seamlessly becomes part of your surroundings, giving your navigation a remarkable upgrade. Whether you’re a top-level executive navigating a huge corporate campus, a hands-on production manager overseeing a busy manufacturing facility, or an eager museum-goer wanting a truly immersive experience, our Wayfinding solutions are tailored to fit various scenarios with impressive accuracy.

This cutting-edge technology goes beyond basic navigation, providing you with a personalized journey that adapts to your unique needs. With our Indoor Navigation Solution, INDOAR, as your guide, each step you take becomes clearer and more purposeful, blending faster wayfinding and engagement seamlessly.

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Embrace the Future of Manufacturing with Augmented Reality

Industries Transformed by Augmented Reality Wayfinding


Facility Management:

Streamline maintenance procedures, optimize workflows, and enhance employee navigation within large facilities.


Empower plant managers, production supervisors, and infrastructure managers to efficiently navigate and oversee operations.

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Museums and Libraries

Enhance visitor experiences by providing accurate navigation and interactive guides

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Optimize customer navigation and streamline stock management within sprawling retail spaces.

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Office and Campus

Navigate simply and efficiently through workplaces and educational campuses with an intuitive wayfinding tool.

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