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ViewAR für Agenturen und Entwickler – SDK um Apps zu bauen

ViewAR™ ermöglicht Ihnen, mit state-of-the-art AR apps Ihre Kunden zu beeindrucken.

ViewAR for agencies and developers – SDK to build apps

ViewAR™ provides you with an opportunity to offer state-of-the-art AR apps to your clients in no time.

  • Multi-platform support

    Publish your apps on Apple iOS, Android, Windows or even on Webbrowsers.

  • Multiple tracking systems

    The ViewAR SDK supports multiple tracking systems like Vuforia, Wikitude, RealityCap, Kudan, easyAR, Structure.io and many more.

  • Easy-to-use backend

    Our template system provides you with your own backend for app- and model management.

  • 2000 product-models available

    Browse over 2000 3D models in the ViewAR library.

Save time and costs by building on a running system instead of developing it from scratch.

The easiest way to publish apps yourself. Be a part!

The awarded ViewAR™ Template System lets you create an Augmented- / Virtual Reality app in less than a day.

Your customized app in 4 steps!

The ViewAR SDK offers a wide variety of out-of-the box modules for agencies and developers and gives the user the ability to create custom-tailored applications in a cost- and time-efficient way.

Create your own Augmented- / Virtual-Reality applications as easy as it gets. All you need to do is configure your application with the features desired, style it by the use of classic web-designer know-how (HTML5 / JavaScript) and deploy it.


    Pick one of the available templates. Our offer is constantly growing.


    Use simple CSS to create your cool app layout.


    Upload and manage your 3D-content via your own account.


    Now you are ready to offer it to your clients.

Register your SDK now for free and start today!

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