The customizable ViewAR™ Furniture & Product Viewer is the leading Augmented Reality system worldwide, receiving the Auggie 2016 for “World Best App” and offers large array of features and modules.

Today’s retailers are faced with more competition than ever before. As the internet connects society and clients start comparing more and more, the specific differentiation from the rest and see-through pricings become more important.

ViewAR offers an effective, impactful and engaging medium to better showcase products and designs in stunning 3D , and that helps customers to decide what they like and to make quicker purchasing decisions. Even enabling you to showcase your entire portfolio of products on a limited area of space.

  • Interactive Catalogue

    One universal tool to target all of your audience, displaying all the information on one app.


    The Car industry has already proven that the use of 3D-configurators releases an added-value, enforcing the emotional engagement with your brand.

    Enable clients to do configurations on the desired objects. From changing the flooring to designing your custom new sofa everything is possible.


    The user friendly interface allows anyone to draw floor plans, design a dream interior project and view it in incredible real time 3D. Bridge the online-offline gap by using the Room Planner in-store to guide customers in their purchase decisions.


    View from any angle, explore all the details. See materials, colors, density –everything!


    See all of your products come to life and view them in your real environment. Be it a TV or an entire building.