GuideBOT Template

A powerful, high-end and up-to-date Augmented Reality template for Indoor Navigation.

template guidebot

GuideBOT is an indoor navigation template with a virtual character’s guidance and assistance. The guide may be easily replaced by your own customized character model. Routes are defined either through a browser-based admin interface or created directly within the app. A variety of tracking technologies is available to suit any location scenario. The template can be extended with AI chatbot features and supports both text and voice input. The style of the app can be easily customized with either our online editor or with CSS. Content (fonts, images, 3D models, etc.) can be conveniently uploaded through our intuitive user back end.

General Template Features

Persistent Coordinate System

Establish a persistent coordinate system to reload saved maps.

AI Chatbot Integration

Record speech and convert it to text. Connect Google Dialog Flow or SAP Conversational AI to interpret voice/speech input and answering accordingly.

Admin Interface

Manage, edit and distribute your maps in a simply to use admin interface.

Custom Plugins

Write your own plugins for gamification, advertising, etc.

Animated Character

Take advantage of our animated GuideBOT robot or upload your personal animated 3D character.

Template Variants

QR Codes

GuideBOT QR provides quick and easy localization through QR codes that can be placed on the wall or on the floor. The position is then fused with ARKit or ARCore to extend tracking for up to 50 meters. Easy and cost-friendly implementation, requiring user’s involvement. Good choice for indoor scenarios like construction sites, industrial facilities or retail scenarios.


Visual Recognition

After creating a 3d scan of a location, you can use visual recognition to localize within this scan. This approach works extremely robust and fast. It should be used for spaces that don’t change visually like museums, industrial plants or hotels.


GuideBOT GPS provides outdoor navigation based on GPS. With no infrastructure costs and no mounting required, it is a good choice for any outdoor guide experience e.g. city tours.


GuideBOT Quuppa provides localization on the basis of the ceiling antennas locating a phone in a range of 3-5 meters. The position is then fused with ARKit or ARCore to extend tracking for up to 50 meters. Also, this variant supports tracking Bluetooth tags, letting you visualize positions of tracked items with AR. It is a good choice for industrial environments or retail scenarios.