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ViewAR™ is one of the leading Augmented Reality developers, providing the only AR-/VR-template system worldwide. Awarded with the Auggie 2016 for “World Best App” our solutions and products fit various industries and their needs.

Google Tango, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive or Microsoft HoloLens – ViewAR integrates all of them.


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ViewAR Product Viewer

The system allows you to show all your products directly in your clients environment. Let them change colors, configure their products or even place it in their home.


The only template system on the market. Incorporating all common tracking-systems and allowing you to publish AR-/VR-apps in less than an hour. No coding needed.

ViewAR Architecture

The ideal tool for architects, construction or the real estate industry. Show your objects, do proper customization and place it in scaled size into the chosen context.

ViewAR SDK – Template System

The ViewAR™ Template System is the first of its kind. A system that allows you to create your own Augmented- / Virtual Reality applications without the need of coding. Just pick a template, choose the desired features and style the app via CSS. Create your personal app in less than 10 minutes.

Furniture & Product Viewer

ViewAR offers an effective, impactful and engaging medium to better showcase products and designs in stunning 3D , and that helps customers to decide what they like and to drive faster purchasing decisions. Even enabling you to showcase your entire portfolio of products in a limited area of space.

ViewAR Architecture

ViewAR™ Architecture enables architects, real estate agents, construction companies and real estate developers to visualize their projects in Augmented- and Virtual Reality. Letting you interact with the models of your projects and to project them in real scale at the site where they will be placed.

ViewAR Custom

ViewAR understands that business drives technology, and not the other way around. Our track record shows, we build custom Augmented Reality solutions in order to meet the business objectives of companies individual needs. The ViewAR system supports your case in the creation of a Proof-of-Concept or an entire Roll-Out, integrating the most advanced hard- and software available.



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