Improve Facility Management with Innovative Technologies

Support your workforce by visualizing maintenance processes and workflows.

Improve Facility Management with Innovative Technologies

The Challenges of Facility Management

Facility managers encounter a range of obstacles, including complex maintenance procedures, inefficient communication channels, cumbersome documentation, and the need to adhere to sustainability practices. These challenges can hinder productivity, lead to higher costs, and compromise the occupant experience, which refers to the overall satisfaction, comfort, and productivity of individuals using a facility, achieved by providing a positive and tailored environment that meets their needs and preferences.

AR (Augmented Reality) technology is revolutionising facility management by enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness in various tasks. With the integration of AR industrial software solutions, facility managers can leverage its capabilities to streamline their operations and improve overall maintenance processes.

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Embrace the Future of Manufacturing with Augmented Reality

Real-World Use Cases

Advanced Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Saving

Digitalization for Efficient Facility Management

AR industrial software solutions offer the potential for knowledge saving in facility management, addressing the shortage of experts. Technicians can access digitalized knowledge, such as equipment manuals and troubleshooting guides, through AR overlays. This ensures that technicians always have critical information at their fingertips, enabling them to perform tasks effectively and efficiently.

Planned Maintenance Tours

Enhanced Efficiency and Documentation

Technicians conducting routine maintenance tours can leverage AR technology to improve efficiency and documentation processes. AR overlays and annotations assist in identifying and checking various service points, sensor and IoT data, while real-time documentation captures images, annotations, and timestamps, ensuring accurate and compliant records of the maintenance tour.

Defect Marking 2

Defect Marking

Streamlined Reporting and Communication

During maintenance tours or inspections, facility managers can utilize AR technology to mark and document defects efficiently. With AR devices, managers can capture pictures, annotate areas of concern, and instantly share the information with the head of facility management. This streamlined communication facilitates swift decision-making for the appropriate repair or replacement procedures. Documentation & Compliance – Streamlined Processes and Accurate Records

Alarm Use Case

Wayfinding and Time-Sensitive Response

AR-based indoor navigation aids facility management operators in responding swiftly to alarms, particularly urgent situations like fires. By displaying digital indicators and directions, AR overlays expedite alarm or sensor detection by up to 60%. This rapidity is vital in meeting time constraints before alarms are escalated to the fire department, reducing unnecessary dispatches and costs. Determining the authenticity of alarms is crucial for occupant and property safety, while avoiding false alarm dispatches prevents financial burdens associated with unnecessary expenses, such as fees charged by the fire department.

Augmented Reality 3

AR Technology

Enhances Documentation and Compliance Efforts

Technicians can capture visual evidence of their inspections and maintenance operations, including images, annotations, and timestamps. This information is automatically saved within the industrial AR software, ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards. Easy access to this data facilitates reporting, audits, and historical reference, streamlining documentation processes.

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