Increase Efficiency and Productivity in Manufacturing

Elevate Manufacturing processes with Augmented Reality solutions

Increase Efficiency and Productivity in Manufacturing

Challenges in Manufacturing

Faster Resolve Time

Complex Assembly Processes and Training

Complex assembly processes can lead to errors, inefficiencies, and longer training times for new employees.

Remote Access

Remote Collaboration and Technical Support

Manufacturing companies often have global operations, requiring efficient communication and troubleshooting across different locations.


Paper-based Checklists and Inspections

Traditional paper-based checklists and inspection procedures are cumbersome and prone to human errors. Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and tracking inspection progress manually can lead to delays, oversights, and reduced overall operational efficiency.

Defect Marking 2

Accurate Defect Identification and Documentation

Accurately identifying and documenting defects across complex product assemblies is a time-consuming and error-prone process that leads to inconsistencies and lack of precision.

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Solution 1: Maintenance Inspections with Interactive Digital Checklists

These intelligent lists empower workers to perform accurate checks, preventing errors and ensuring tasks are done compliantly. By eliminating manual processes, this solution enhances efficiency and maintains the trajectory of tasks without deviations.


Solution 2: Expert-guided Remote Support

Remote support transforms the way experts collaborate with on-site workers, offering them contextual visual instructions. This approach enables remote experts to guide workers through complex procedures, leveraging augmented reality for hands-on guidance. This dynamic connection fosters real-time problem-solving and knowledge transfer across geographical boundaries.


Solution 3: Defect Marking and Localization

This solution empowers users to scan facility objects with a simple touch, instantly creating digital labels tied to specific coordinates for maintenance or replacement. This automated process improves precision and accelerates defect remediation, ensuring optimal operational performance.


Solution 4: AR and VR Training

By simulating diverse scenarios, workers can undergo comprehensive onboarding and skill enhancement without real-world consequences. This transformative approach to training not only expedites skill development but also minimizes transport time and time spent on-site.


Solution 5: Real-time IoT Data Visualization

Connect live data streams from sensors and other sources to physical objects and visualize this information on augmented reality devices. This data-rich solution enables workers to access real-time insights, facilitating informed decision-making and timely interventions for optimal operational outcomes.


Solution 6: Indoor Wayfinding

By calculating optimal routes to service points or visualizing critical areas and hazard zones, workers are empowered to move safely and efficiently. This solution promotes both worker safety and productivity by providing clear, intuitive navigation guidance.

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