Innovative technology that future-proofs libraries

Innovative technology that future-proofs libraries

Integrate modern technology into day-to-day business of libraries to stay relevant.

The fear of becoming outdated

In the current age of digital transformation, efficient finding of information has become more important than ever. Libraries are having a hard time catching up with this evolution. They will have to adjust their tactics in order to stay relevant and not become obsolete in the near future. For library visitors, finding a book or the right shelves can sometimes be tedious. This can be very demotivating in an age when everything can be done with a single click.

Motivate readers to visit libraries again

With all the exciting inventions already available online, getting new patrons is becoming harder, but not impossible. By creating exciting experiences for visitors with cutting edge technology like augmented reality, you can increase their motivation to visit libraries more frequently. With digital content, borrowing a book can be a fascinating experience. Libraries cannot compete with the efficiency of high-speed-internet that offers almost every book with just the click of a button. But with indoor navigation, libraries can make the finding of books more exciting – creating an additional reason for Gen-Z to visit them. This way, libraries can evolve from antiquarian and soon-to-be-obsolete institutions to a futuristic universe of information.

With INDOAR, innovation becomes part of your library, creating a more engaging experience for borrowers and visitors alike – making sure patrons stay fascinated by your library for years to come.

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Helping patrons finding books more quickly

Indoor navigation
Offer your patrons a mobile application that helps them find books faster and more efficiently.

Service quality at peak times

Location based content
Keep your patrons informed during peak times and show them relevant information based on their indoor position.

Keeping the public opinion high

Interactive content
Increase the quality of education by visualizing interactive content on-site and build a more positive public opinion of libraries in general.

Training and onboarding library staff

VR and AR training
Improve training and onboarding procedures by visualizing tasks in real-world environments.


Think out of the box and use INDOAR to your advantage.
Improved experience

Improved experience

Augmented reality is a powerful technology that enriches the patron’s view of the existing physical world. By adding more layers of value on top of it, it leads to an immersive interactive experiences.
Higher patrons satisfaction

Higher patrons satisfaction

Locating and obtaining information is often a borrower’s need. With the help of INDOAR you can give them the information at the right time at the right place, ensuring efficient information flow leading to higher patrons satisfaction.
Find books faster

Find books faster

With INDOAR, your patrons can easily navigate, since INDOAR calculates the shortest route to the desired book. This avoids frustration and time for orientation.
Faster onboarding and training

Faster onboarding and training

Onboard your staff members more efficiently and save time and money by getting them on-the-job quicker. Get the best results with INDOAR which combines both VR and AR technology.
 Modern appearance

Modern appearance

With the help of INDOAR libraries can upgrade their appearance and polish up their antique image. This will attract new target groups and younger generations for years to come.
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