Increase productivity with innovative technologies

Increase productivity with innovative technologies

Improve your maintenance processes by visualizing workflows and live data.

The problem of preserving and transferring knowledge

One of the top challenges for modern manufacturing companies is the increasing number of retirements and ongoing fluctuations. Training new employed workers is a tedious but important task, as even small mistakes could lead to production downtimes or safety issues. Manufacturing companies are required to provide necessary protocols and ongoing training for their employees. Knowledge is one of the most important resources of the workforce but also one of the most cost-intensive.

Maintenance challenges

Especially in cases of maintenance that only takes place every few months, not all workers are familiar with the maintenance procedures and protocols. Inconsistent regularity of such procedures leads to them being forgotten. This makes the maintenance process prone to errors. In addition, maintenance departments are often overstaffed to ensure that enough resources are available also during the night shifts.

Non-automatable work steps

Not every manufacturing processes can be fully automated. Workflows where employees need to undertake manual steps like data input, calculations, etc., open room for human errors. This can have negative impacts on product quality and production times.

Improving workforce and maintenance

With innovative technologies like augmented and virtual reality, workers can be trained, educated, and onboarded without wasting additional resources. Such technologies can provide technicians and engineers relevant IoT data and location awareness to find assets more quickly and reduce time-to-information. Additionally they can visualize danger zones in real-world environments for workers according to live data input. Remote assistance allows workers to simply connect to an expert and get over shoulder guidance in real time to resolve problems much faster. Combined with augmented reality, remote assistance can superimpose markings, messages and diagrams directly onto the workers field of view, helping to perform fixes more efficiently.

With SERVICE AR we offer an all-in-one application that contains all needed features to increase manufacturing productivity by improving maintenance processes and manual workflows.

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Overstaffed maintenance department

Empower your workers to perform simple maintenance tasks on their machines themselves with the help of digital workflows.

Optimizing non-automatable work processes

Support your workers with digital step-by-step instructions to improve non-automatable workflows and reduce human error.

Reduce downtimes

Remote assistance and workflows
In case of a production interruption, empower your workers to fix any problem with the help of workflows or over shoulder guidance from a specialist through remote assistance.

Documentation and transfer of knowledge

VR and AR training
Improve onboarding and training procedures by visualizing maintenance processes in virtual and augmented reality.


Think out of the box and use SERVICE AR to your advantage.
Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced maintenance costs

Equip your workers with SERVICE AR and empower them to perform a variety of maintenance and service tasks by themselves. This allows to reduce standby times and the number of maintenance employees.
Improved workforce safety

Improved workforce safety

Location based warnings with predefined triggers and precise work instructions help to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents.
Faster resolve time

Faster resolve time

With SERVICE AR, workers can fix a variety of occurring problems themselves without calling for technical support during night or day shift. Unforeseen interruptions during manufacturing processes can be resolved much more quickly.
Less information asymmetries

Less information asymmetries

SERVICE AR helps to identify, capture and preserve relevant maintenance and repair process information. With digital workflows, workers can access this information anytime, anywhere. In this way, knowledge gaps can be bridged across the whole company.
Advanced knowledge transfer

Advanced knowledge transfer

Virtual and augmented reality training lead to better retention and training results. As a result, new workers can be onboarded and integrated into the working processes more quickly.
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