Enhance museums with innovative technologies

Enhance museums with innovative technologies

Use augmented and virtual reality to attract completely new target groups and increase the number of visitors.

Challenging the new everyday

The pandemic heavily impacted the financial side of museum operations causing dramatic income losses and altering the working conditions of museum staff. But every crisis opens new opportunities for those who dare to take them. Museums have struggled with a lot of challenges recently, including but not limited to: law-enforced closings due to lockdowns, higher security measures due to social distancing regulations, safety regulations for employees, and less visitors due to entry-restrictions.

If that wasn’t enough, what museums and galleries had to deal with, visitor numbers have declined even more, due to less tourists all around the country. We can definitely see that museums and galleries are experiencing a rapid change and that those challenges are calling for radical adjustments of the whole business model.

Innovation through digital transformation

Attracting new visitors is becoming more and more challenging. Museums play an important role when it comes to education and entertainment. Mixed reality technologies such as augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) can help visitors to enjoy both. Augmented reality for museums opens up an immersive world of interactive experiences by adding digital content (videos, audios, text, 3D models, animations, etc.) to the existing environment. Visitors can use their own smartphone or tablet to see an altered version of reality.

AR can provide additional information to an exhibit or guide the user through the museum with the help of indoor navigation technology. Additionally, VR opens up a brand new world for those who want to enjoy the museum from the comfort of their home.

With INDOAR we offer museums an all-in-one solution that contains powerful features to face ongoing challenges and attract completely new visitors.

Viewar - IPhone Frame Challenge & Solution

Physical distance and entry restrictions

Virtual reality tours
Offer people around the world to visit your museum 24/7 through a VR web-browser experience.

Safety and social distancing regulations

Digital guidance on site
Offer your visitors a mobile application that guides them through the museum while respecting social distancing and safety.

Attracting new and younger target groups

Interactive experience
Provide your visitors additional information by visualizing videos, 3D animations or text next to any exhibit.

Fulfilling the educational mission

AR/VR games and quizzes
Use digital games and quizzes to educate your visitors in a playful and entertaining way.


Think out of the box and use INDOAR to your advantage.
More exhibits with same space

More exhibits with same space

Museums, no matter what size, may not have unlimited space to exhibit all the objects they want to. With INDOAR© you can exhibit multiple objects on the same spot and therefore offer a greater selection at the same time.
Reach new target groups

Reach new target groups

INDOAR opens completely new ways to experience museums. With features like digital tours, interactive content, videos, 3D animations, etc. you can create new incentives to inspire new target groups to visit your museum on site.
Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Offering VR exhibitions through INDOAR, will give visitors worldwide the ability to visit your museum without actually being there. Visitors can enjoy the museum from the comfort of their home by just connecting through any available web-browser.
Increasing sales

Increasing sales

There are countless ways how INDOAR can help to increase sales. You can create new revenue streams like „paid VR exhibitions“ or offer AR features on site to engage new target groups and increase the classic ticket sales.
Inspire children and teenager

Inspire children and teenager

AR and VR are a cool technologies by themselves, especially for younger visitors. They are curious and burn for new things. A playful education with Interactive content and games will make even the most skeptical of youngsters curious.
Time saving and efficient

Time saving and efficient

INDOAR can optimize processes for everyone involved with your museum, providing better time management especially for tourists and touristic guides, who follow a schedule, by leveraging tech in innovative ways and reimagining how work is done.
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