Innovative technology that helps to revive the retail industry

Innovative technology that helps to revive the retail industry

Increase sales and enrich the shopping experience with smartphone based technologies.

The fight against online

The recent pandemic had a significant impact on the shopping-industry and the overall consumer behavior has radically shifted. More than ever, consumers are looking for convenience and an experience when shopping the latest trends, which is why online shopping has increased drastically. During lockdown many consumers have adjusted to the more convenient online stores. They also found new online shops and changed their buying habits. This is a drastic change in customer behavior and store-owners will need to adapt if they do not want to get left behind. Retail has lost its edge for more convenient solutions. What if shopping malls and individual stores can get customers back with new innovative technologies that make shopping more exciting and convenient too? Many shops have closed already and the ones who are still open are trying out different marketing efforts to bring the customers back into their physical store.

Bringing customers back to stores

Through new technologies, you can entice your customers to come back to your store. This offers your customers a whole new way to shop. Sell more by making the shopping experience as convenient as possible for the consumer. Augmented reality for retail and shopping malls opens up new ways to add value to the shopping experience, increase marketing awareness and even sales revenue. It is also possible to address the shoppers directly, as in an online interface, and give them offers that are personalized for them. This will not only increase the experience for shoppers, but will also generate more revenue.

Our solutions provide retailers with tools to easily create a virtual shopping experience connected to their already existing online-shop. Enhance the retail experience with augmented reality information, guiding, advertising and reporting. This enables retailers to create a consistent brand experience across locations and gives visitors high-quality access to products in a safe and exciting new way.

Provide indoor navigation for smart retail environments and offer additional location based product information or promotion offers with augmented reality. Indoor navigation with AR can be connected to your CX-cloud solution using the stored knowledge and profile data to create the most personal consumer experience on the shoppers most personal device!

With INDOAR we offer shopping malls and retailers an all-in-one application that contains powerful features to face ongoing challenges and open up new ways to add value to the shopping experience.

Viewar - IPhone Frame Challenge & Solution

Advertising sales offerings

Location based ads
Engage shoppers by visualizing exclusive offers and sales based on their physical location.

Upselling related or additional products

Strategic user navigation
Navigate shoppers based on their shopping behavior through areas of relevant products


Indoor Navigation
Help shoppers find a product or store by visualizing a digital path in real world environment.

Consumer tracking

Indoor Analytics
Optimize mall and store layouts by tracking location based consumer behavior and movements.


Think out of the box and use INDOAR to your advantage.
Improve visibility of sales offerings

Improve visibility of sales offerings

INDOAR makes it exciting to discover new offers through location based content and notifications inside specific stores and malls. Visualize only relevant offers to those who are near a specific area to increase engagement and sales.
Make distant shops more visible

Make distant shops more visible

With INDOAR you revitalize hidden or distant shops by navigating shoppers there with automatic indoor navigation routes. Make shoppers aware of new offers to give them an incentive to walk the distance.
Enhance shopping experience

Enhance shopping experience

INDOAR helps consumers see shopping in a new way, retains shoppers or attracts new ones. A more interactive shopping experience increases brand loyalty, engagement and higher sales in the long run.
Increase sales

Increase sales

With INDOAR, automatic recommendations (upsells) are given according to personal preferences and behavior of shoppers. Augmented reality also allows shoppers to interact with the product in a more personalized and interactive way.
Track customer behavior

Track customer behavior

INDOAR tracks shoppers through various data points like the exact location, visit duration, heat maps, etc. This way, you can see a good indication of what shoppers care about the most and derive a new strategy from that information accordingly.
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