Modern technology makes university life more convenient

Modern technology makes university life more convenient

Improving wayfinding and orientation for students and lecturers with smartphone based technology.

Large and confusing building complexes

Due to the complex nature of university faculties, orientation can be extremely difficult. Students have to be fast when getting from one classroom to another, especially when being pressed for time. Efficient wayfinding becomes increasingly important. First-year students especially have a hard furrow to plow. Onboarding new students or lecturers can especially become a challenge, as the information overload can lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Creating a modern and better college experience

With modern navigation technology, modern wayfinding can be delivered in a more user-friendly and convenient way directly on the users’ mobile device.  Indoor navigation can be an accurate, effective and cost effective tool that provides the user a more efficient and intuitive way to navigate around the faculty. Provide students, lecturers and day visitors with guided navigation and location based information and content.

Implementing such technology in universities can not only enhance life for students but also improves the work for your staff overall. Managing and maintaining a university is a huge effort which can be improved with indoor navigation, workflows, checklists, and other handy features like remote assistance.

With INDOAR we offer universities and other educational institutions an all-in-one solution that contains powerful features to face ongoing challenges and helps to make campus life more convenient.

Viewar - IPhone Frame Challenge & Solution

Orientation and wayfinding

Indoor navigation
Offer students, lecturers, and visitors a mobile application that guides them conveniently and fast around the faculty.

Onboarding new students and lecturers

Virtual reality tours
First-year-students and lecturers can familiarize themselves with the faculty before they arrive.

Language barriers due to globalization

Multi language support
Make wayfinding and indoor navigation accessible to everyone with automatic translations.

University maintenance

Maintenance tours
Improve any maintenance process with the help of indoor navigation, workflows, checklists and remote assistance.


Think out of the box and use INDOAR to your advantage.
Fast and efficient wayfinding

Fast and efficient wayfinding

INDOAR helps users to find the fastest way to a specific area or location inside the faculty. As INDOAR is not dependent on other hardware, it is the most accurate indoor navigation software available today.
Modern onboarding

Modern onboarding

INDOAR improves the onboarding process for new students and faculty members. Pave the way with indoor navigation or checklists for everyone who needs help managing faculty specific requirements.
Multi language support

Multi language support

With several languages available, INDOAR is easily accessible to students and lecturers from around the globe. An additional helpful feature is the text-to-speech software which talks to users in the language of their choice.
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