Increase sales by adding augmented reality to your Matterport scan

Increase sales by adding augmented reality to your Matterport scan

Expand your existing offering with indoor navigation and other powerful features – upgrade any existing or upcoming Matterport scan of your client with augmented reality

Matterport provides all features to offer your clients an immersive experience online, but that’s not all. INDOAR oder SERVICE AR takes it a step further. With just a few simple steps you can unleash the full potential of your digital twin and create augmented reality experiences on-site.

What does this mean? Instead of just walking through a virtual environment on your screen, you can actually navigate through the physical location using a mobile device. Additionally, you can display digital content like text, video, 3D objects etc. during a tour.

Upgrade your scan

Add augmented reality to your scan with a few simple steps.

1. Sign up for VIEWAR

Create a free account or use your existing account to login to the VIEWAR portal.

2. Upload your digital twin

Import your digital twin from Matterport to your INDOAR or SERVICE AR project with a few simple steps.

3. Customize your digital twin

Add points of interest (Mattertags) and content like text, video, audio, 3D objects, etc. to the previously uploaded digital twin. Create tours, workflows, checklists and link them to any point of interest.

4. Test and publish your project

Test your project any time either on your desktop (VR) or on site with your mobile device (AR). No additional hardware needed!

Matterport in combination with augmented reality can be used for a wide range of industries. Learn where you can support different business and how they can benefit from it.

Find the right augmented reality solution for your use case.

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Benefit from the worlds most advanced indoor navigation system and transform your location into an immersive experience.

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Optimize your service and maintenance processes to increase the efficiency, service quality and safety of your workforce.


Stand out from the competition and provide an immersive experience.
Expanded product portfolio

Expanded product portfolio

Besides providing virtual tours on a screen you can now add navigation and tours to directly use at locations on-site.
Increased service fee

Increased service fee

By offering additional and innovative services you can stand out from your competition and charge a premium.
New recurring revenue streams

New recurring revenue streams

Host and update indoor navigation services for your clients and create predictable income for your business on a regular basis.
Optimized sales rate

Optimized sales rate

Become a first-mover by implementing innovative technology. Impress new and existing clients with the use of augmented reality and receive more orders.
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