Choose the Right Plan for You

Start creating Augmented Reality experiences for free without any risk. Upgrade your plan whenever you need more content, storage or additional services.

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Limited license for starters

Plan Includes:
< 500 app downloads / month
All features unlocked
100 MB content storage

No credit card required

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For small and medium- sized companies

Plan Includes:
2.000 app downloads / month
All features unlocked
1 GB content storage
Standard Support

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Full package for large companies

Plan Includes:
Unlimited app downloads / month
All features unlocked
Unlimited content storage
Premium Support
App publishing service
On premise server

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For resellers and. integration partners

If you want to offer our services to your clients, please contact us for reseller conditions and further details.

The final price of a plan depends on many factors, such as template type, the amount of content slots, source code access, yearly or one-time payment, etc. Please log in to our developer portal to use our price calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the limitations of the free license?

A: Like all other licenses, a free license has all template features unlocked. However the monthly app downloads are limited to 500 and the maximum available storage is set to a maximum of 100 MB. The free version also has only 10 active content slots unlocked. Please note that due to restrictions from third-party tracking partners, there is not a free license for every template.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription plan?

A: You need to login to our developer portal. Go to “account” > “my subscriptions” to manage your subscriptions.

Q: Can content storage, content slots or monthly app downloads be increased within a plan?

A: No. If you have reached the limit of one of the mentioned properties you need to upgrade to a larger license.

Q: Where are my files stored?

A: By default all files are stored in the ViewAR server infrastructure. If you choose the enterprise license package, you can host a server image on your own server.

Q: Is it possible to store all files on my own server?

A: Yes. The enterprise license package offers an on premise server option, where you can host a server image on your own server.

Q: Is there a minimum contract period?

A: It depends on your chosen payment plan. There is no minimum contract period for one-time payment. If you choose a monthly payment plan, you can cancel the contract after the first 12 month every quarter.

Q: Is it possible to change or upgrade my plan later on?

A: Yes. You can upgrade to a larger license at any time. A switch back to a smaller license package is possible after the first 12 months.

Q: Which payment plans do you offer?

A: We offer one-time payment or a yearly license subscription plan. The final price of a plan depends on the many factors like template-type, amount of content slots, source code access, etc. For more details please login to our developer portal and use our price calculator.

Q: Which payment methods can I use?

A: We are offering credit card and PayPal payment.