Products Live Template

A powerful, high-end and up-to-date Augmented Reality template for product visualization.

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Products Live is a powerful, high-end and up-to-date Augmented Reality template for product visualization. It offers all state-of-the-art features out of the box needed to showcase any product in Augmented Reality. The template supports both single and multiple object placement, material switch to exchange colors and textures, shopping list to get an overview of all placed items within a scene, category management and scene storage to save and share your arrangements. A special feature called “Freeze Frame” allows users to save a snapshot of the camera image including all digital objects in the scene. The snapshot can be reloaded and edited at a later time. According to your needs, the app appearance can be easily styled with either our online editor or with CSS. Content (fonts, images, 3D models, etc.) can be conveniently uploaded through our intuitive user back end.


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Included content slots 10 50 100 100+
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General Template Features

Shopping List

Items placed in a scene are listed in the shopping list. Optionally, they may be linked to an external URL (e.g. product information, online-shop, advertising).

Shopping Cart API

Connect an existing e-commerce platform to the ViewAR app using our Shopping Cart API.

Multiple Object Placement

Create complex scenes using multiple models. Use the online 3D Model Editor to apply performance optimized textures.

Scene Save/Load

Save and load scenes from a personal storage.

Freeze Frame

To save an AR scene for later viewing and editing, save the scene with the snapshot of the camera image as background. Models in the scene will preserve their editing capabilities.