Transform your location into an immersive experience.

Upgrade your physical location with the worlds most advanced indoor navigation system. Display digital routes and additional content (text, videos, 3D objects, etc.) on your clients device anytime during navigation. Help your visitors to either find the shortest way to their destination or setup predefined routes for strategic user navigation.


Prepared for all eventualities.
  • Reduce time for wayfinding and help visitors of your location to find the fastest way to any destination.

    With INDOAR your visitors can navigate around the location independently and find their destinations stress-freely on time. Routes can either be calculated automatically or defined manually to make sure people only go where you want them to. Convenient indoor navigation can also be easily enhanced with digital content. This way, your visitors will not only see where they need to go, but have an interesting experience along the way.

  • Visualize digital content in your location to enhance the user experience in many ways.

    Close the gap between the physical and the digital world by augmenting interactive content based on the physical position of the visitor. View and interact with 3D objects and other types of content, like videos, texts, and audios. Inspire your visitors with 3D representations of extraordinary creatures or just let them simply watch a video or read through a text. Transform your location into an exceptional experience with the help of augmented reality.

  • Navigate your visitors step-by-step through your location and let them explore all relevant details.

    By offering digital tours, you can lead visitors through predefined routes/paths within your location by using their own mobile device. Navigate your visitors based on shopping lists, exhibition topics or just help them to conveniently get familiar with your office building. The application allows creating custom tours either by the admin or by the user himself.

  • Increase the user engagement with your own branded 3D character showing them around your location.

    When it comes to indoor navigation, you want to make it as user-friendly as possible. This is why INDOAR offers the possibility of using a 3D avatar in addition to standard line navigation. This makes your application more personalized and the user experience more interactive. Kids love it too. Take advantage of our animated GuideBOT or create your own 3D character. Your customers will enjoy a virtual character’s guidance and assistance at their fingertips.

  • Recognize text and automatically create a digital label on the recorded coordinates.

    A convenient solution to create points of interest on site. With a simple touch, you can scan any text and automatically create a digital label linked to the recorded coordinates. Physical objects can be cataloged with ease, saving time and money in the process. Additionally, any related information in existing databases can be easily linked to any new point of interest.

  • Drive engagement and create a unique visitor experience with augmented reality gamification.

    INDOAR enables you to offer a wide variety of games to interact with your location and the surrounding environment during indoor navigation. Create a new attractive way to discover your location by combining indoor navigation with games, such as quizzes and treasure hunts.

  • Bridge the imagination gap with virtual reality and visit locations remotely from the comfort of your home.

    Let users conveniently experience locations remotely in a virtual reality space. Users can visit places like museums, office buildings, real estate and more from the comfort of their homes. With virtual reality onboarding, new employees can explore different places for training purposes and become familiar with the office environment faster.

  • Improve wayfinding at your location for visually impaired people (VIP)

    With INDOAR, visually impaired people can be safely guided to any indoor destination and more easily identify objects such as walls, doors, elevators, etc. in their environment. The application tells the user when they are getting close to any specific object, helping them identify it and improving how they experience their environment. This makes it more convenient for VIPs to navigate around complex locations. With the latest technology at their fingertips, the visually impaired will have the possibility to experience their disadvantages as little as possible.

INDOAR offers benefits for a wide range of industries. Learn where INDOAR can support your business and how you can benefit from it.

Supported devices

Built for all AR capable devices.


INDOAR runs on all augmented reality capable mobile devices. The advantage of mobile devices is obvious. They are ubiquitous and familiar. Their possible uses are very diverse and range from indoor navigation to OCR tagging. Our applications are optimized for a variety of devices, both new and old.


All INDOAR desktop applications are cloud / browser based and don’t need any local installation. They are mainly used for administrative tasks like setting up area scans, adding service points or creating workflows. However, some features such as virtual reality walkthrough can also be conveniently used on a desktop computer.

Digital avatar

Personalize your app with a virtual character.

Increase the user engagement by adding a virtual character (avatar) to your INDOAR application. By default, the application offers the option to activate a robot-like character named “GuideBOT”. The robot is equipped with a set of standard animations which covers all important gestures needed. The avatar can be replaced with any custom 3D model. For any information on how to create an appropriate custom avatar, please contact us.

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Technical specifications

Built for all AR capable devices.
Minimum requirements
Operating systems iOS 11, Android 7.0
Build in technology ARKit or ARCore
Operating systems iOS 12 or later, Android 11 or later
Build in technology ARKit or ARCore
* Devices underlined were tested by the ViewAR development team. All other devices untested but should be able to run our solution smoothly.