Austrian Airlines

Introducing customers to new services made easier with an interactive AR experience. myAustrian app allows customers to visualise a new set of airline seats wherever they are. Multiple animations visualising enhanced functionalities may be triggered.

Engage customers with AR

On a competitive market nowadays, ensuring that customer needs are met as well as possible becomes crucial. Companies are devoting incapacitating resources not only to advertising, but also to the target group research and product testing. The myAustrian application meets these trends, giving an almost tangible feeling of the new offer and letting users interact with the product. Directly engaging customers in the experience of the service before it is even provided, it utilises an effective mean of influence, a psychological phenomenon called lock-in.

Marker-less Augmented Reality mode powered by Apple’s ARKit provides a seamless and captivatingly realistic experience. Numerous pre-programmed animations illustrate enhanced functionalities of new seats from the Economy Premium Class offer. Interaction and supplementary information may be triggered by clicking on certain parts of the model.