Erhardt Markisen

Customise a chosen model of Erhardt awnings using the Augmented Reality mode. Find the perfect fit, take time to observe how dimensions and pitch angle changes influence the casted shadow. Everything in the privacy and calmness of your home.

Find the perfect fit

Erhardt AR application offers a unique set of functionalities to configure, visualise, share and ask for a price estimation of a chosen awning model. The user is offered a set of parameters to personalise a sun shade. In order to ensure a feasible design, preliminary assumptions and dependencies are made. This includes width and projection limitations derived from structural capabilities of the frame as well as fabric and additional elements choice.

The AR mode, depending on the device, powered by ARKit, provides a seamless, trackerless experience with precise measurements, allowing a representative fitting of the product. The project may be saved for later revision and its screenshots shared through e.g. social media or other applications. Furthermore, a price quote with an automatically generated report, summarising all the essential information about the product, may be sent to the company representative.