Umbrellas don’t have to be ordinary!
Free your creativity and find you perfect fit with the Glatz App. Customise available models and use AR or VR in combination with the Terrace Planner Tool to get a better feeling of the design.

Umbrellas – tailor made

Configuring a perfect umbrella has never been easier than with help of the cutting edge technology. Test all your ideas in AR or use our Terrace Planner tool to easily create a 3D model your terrace layout and work in VR. Using the ARKit tracking system, simply point the camera to the borders of your existing or planned-to-be terrace and mark the corners. Next, pick materials and define surface finishings. Add building walls, doors and windows, if necessary. This will generate a 3D model of the design space. Try out 25 different models mixed with 30 material finishes and share the design with your close ones!