Implenia Raunheim

Does moving to a new office building have to cause confusion? Not anymore. Implenia Raunheim is an application prepared to make the orientation easier. An interactive 3D model enriched with room information and furniture layout was handed to employees, so that they could make themselves familiar with the new headquarters beforehand.

Virtual tour

Moving an almost 300-member team to a new headquarters is itself a logistical challenge, not to mention making them feel comfortable in the new space. This is, however, a dream scenario for a web VR application! Implenia trusted us with importing a BIM model of their new office building into our system and turning it into a virtual reality experience.

Access to the 3D model enriched with room numbers and functions was granted to all members of the team, so that they could locate their new work spot and find the shortest way to the coffee machine before even entering the building. Moreover, the building model may be exploded so that every floor could be seen separately. Furthermore, in order to provide even more realistic experience, a Walk Mode functionality was implemented.