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Imagine an indoor navigation system in AR. Add an AI powered interactive 3D animated guide answering every question and providing advice. Finally, give it endless patience.
Let us introduce - GuideBOT!

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AR Indoor Navigation with AI – Let us help you!

Outdoor navigation is something we are already used to. With GPS in every mobile phone, finding one’s way around the city is no longer a complicated task. But what about indoors?

GuideBOT is an Augmented Reality indoor navigation system with a virtual character’s guidance and assistance. In order to provide an exquisite user-experience the application is using modern chatbot technology to understand, interpret and answer questions via voice input/output, simulating a human conversation through artificial intelligence. It offers additional product information, answers to frequently asked questions and even personalised recommendations.

How does it work? It overlays a digital model of the environment or its parts on the real world space camera picture, using a set of feature points from a learned surface or a QR code. Depending on the scenario, different technologies may be chosen, opening a broad range of possible applications from retail store mapping to guided museum tours.

The application may be easily styled with the use of HTML and CSS with changes being automatically applied to all versions. Furthermore, getting access to the source code of this template lets you modify the application logic to your needs.

How it works

Included Features

Remote Assistance

Video streaming and VOIP(audio) connection between two devices with the possibility of a shared scene for annotations. This feature may be also used for guided shopping.

Project Save/Load

Scenes, assigned to a user, their contents and parameters may be saved to the database to be reloaded later. Those informations may also be summarised and reused.

Multi-Platform Support

Possibility of running the same application on devices with iOS and Android Operating Systems without any adjustments. Drastically lowers development effort, time and cost.

Multi-Tracking Support

The ViewAR System supports all major tracking solutions available on the market, therefore no matter the platform and device, an appropriate option may be found.

Style with CSS

Applications may be customized with the use of HTML and CSS. This functionality is available through the App Builder or when you create a custom application with the SDK.


The ViewAR System has a C++ Core, overlaid with an HTML layer for the UI. This approach lets you create UIs using HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks like react or angular.

Preview Template!

1. Search for “ViewAR SDK” in the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Install and open the app. Enter the following App-ID and press “Start”:

guidebot.qr.demo / guidebot.placenote.demo