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Benefit from the worlds most advanced indoor navigation system and transform your location into an immersive experience.

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Optimize your service and maintenance processes to increase the efficiency, service quality and safety of your workforce.

Supported Tracking and AR Technologies

Apple’s tracking system ARKit supports iOS-powered mobile devices and phones only. It is mainly used for marker and marker-less object placement.

Google’s ARCore tracking has all its strength in marker and marker-less object placement. It supports Android-powered phones and mobile devices only.

VisionLib’s model tracking enables highly accurate 3D object tracking for dynamic sceneries and illuminations and offers an automated pipeline for model import.

Placenote provides point cloud based scene recognition, which enables apps to save, share and reload persistent AR content in real-world spaces.

The Structure Sensor enables your mobile device to understand and instantly capture the real world in three dimensions.

Microsoft’s Hololens allows users to navigate through an AR app with sensual and natural interface commands, such as gaze, gesture, and voice.

Magic Leap’s lightweight HMD lets users see and interact with 3D computer-generated content and supports hand tracking and gesture recognition.

6D.AI offers SLAM tracking combined with point cloud based re-localization based on GPS position or Wi-Fi name.

Quuppa provides Bluetooth low energy antenna devices for ceiling mounting. In combination with the VIEWAR tracking fusion system, it offers a persistent AR coordinate system.

Infsoft provides an indoor positioning system based on Bluetooth beacons. Combined with the VIEWAR tracking fusion system, it offers a persistent AR coordinate system. is an indoor positioning system which offers almost all of the major positioning technologies and a 6° drag pose in combination with the VIEWAR tracking fusion system.

Vuforia offers cutting edge tracking, including tracking of CAD models, 2d images and even large environments.

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