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VIEWAR is an innovative provider of Industrial Augmented Reality solutions that help organizations optimize their operations and improve productivity.

faster location finding
faster task completion
faster troubleshooting
faster maintenance

VIEWAR addresses real-world challenges in industrial environments with Augmented Reality

Downtime Cost

Cost of

Planned and unplanned downtime like product changeover or unexpected stops of machinery can cost manufacturers millions per facility and year.

Labour Shortage

Skilled Labour

Exhausted labor markets, lack of skilled workers and high attrition rates will lead to massive worker shortage by 2024 with unfilled job openings between 20-50%.

Workplace Safety

Workers’ and Workplace Safety

Regulatory compliance, risks for employees, machinery and reputation are crucial factors – “Employers must comply with all applicable OSHA standards”

All-in-one platform

Navigation, workflows and remote assistance unified in one software.
  • Viewar - IPhone Frame All-in-one platform

    Reduce Time for Orientation and Wayfinding

    → Efficient route to changeover and retooling locations
    → Localizing broken machines or parts
    → Visualizing critical areas or danger zones


  • Viewar - IPhone Frame All-in-one platform

    Get Work & Training Done more Quickly and Accurately

    → Shorten changeover time following step-by-step instructions
    → Minimizing error rates during scheduled inspections
    → Efficient guidance through any troubleshooting process
    → Transfer knowledge from experts to new workers
    → Shorten training and onboarding


  • Viewar - IPhone Frame All-in-one platform

    Solve Issues Remotely with Over-the-Shoulder-Guidance

    → Shortening troubleshooting time with the help of over-the-shoulder guidance
    → Accessing special knowledge and experience during training or in time-critical situations
    → Experts don’t need to be physically present


AR solutions that solve key business challenges

Find the right augmented reality solution for your use case.
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Benefit from the worlds most advanced indoor navigation system and transform your location into an immersive experience.

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Optimize your service and maintenance processes to increase the efficiency, service quality and safety of your workforce.

What makes VIEWAR so unique

All-In-One Product

All-In-One Product

The all-in-one AR product combines navigation, workflows, and remote assistance into a single comprehensive software solution, improving overall efficiency.
No Coding Required

No Coding Required

VIEWAR enables users to create and test AR experiences without any coding knowledge, making it accessible to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise.
Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

With flexible integration options, users can choose the best approach for their unique needs, whether that involves integrating with existing software, hardware, or other business systems.
Advanced Customization

Advanced Customization

Source code access (SDK) access allows for advanced customization of the AR experience to suit specific business needs and unlock new possibilities for innovation and growth.
Premium Hosting

Premium Hosting

Secure, scalable, and reliable hosting possible due to premium cloud and on-premise options while protecting against potential threats and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

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