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What is the ViewAR™ System?

ViewAR is the leading Augmented Reality system, supporting all available tracking systems like ARKit, ARCore, Wikitude, etc. ViewAR is a platform-independent system allowing for easy and robust creation of efficient mobile and web applications. It’s modular structure integrates all hard- and software field-specific components available on the market. We currently offer different approaches to move your app forward:

The Template Approach

Create your Augmented Reality applications easily and effortlessly. No prior programming knowledge required. Choose a template, style it with the use of our intuitive Configurator, fill in with 3D content and it’s ready to use! Learn more

Develop using JavaScript

Need more freedom? Using the ViewAR Augmented Reality SDK, you can create your own custom functionalities, user flows, UIs and templates. This approach requires programming skills, since you will create your own application logics. Use our CLI and get access to the source code of our templates. Learn more

Let Us do it for You

If you do not have your own development resources, you can take advantage of our unique Pro Service. Our team of experienced AR developers consults, designs and develops an augmented reality solution tailored to your needs.

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Showreel and Feature Overview

The ViewAR™ System is an effect of almost 10 years of our development experience. At the beginning created in order to speed up the development internally, over the years it has developed into a product itself. Long story short – it allows you to build platform-independent AR and VR apps using advanced tracking systems purely with Web Development skills. See an overview of features of the ViewAR System and applications created with the ViewAR Augmented Reality SDK.

All in One Tracking Solution

Almost every currently available tracking system integrated. These systems have various applications: marker tracking, object tracking (CAD models, scans, etc.), depth sensor-based tracking and scanning, HMD tracking, etc. Just select a template with the appropriate tracking system and everything will be set up automatically. Depending on the tracking system you can supply custom configurations and tracking patterns (markers, 3D models, etc.).

Find a ViewAR Developer

Should you need additional service, we would be more than happy to put you in touch with one our cooperating developers. We would assist you during the process, in order to make sure that the processes goes smoothly and all your needs are met.

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