Let’s shape the future together

By becoming a VIEWAR partner, you can expand your current business with additional business models, products, solutions, and get all the materials and help you require to get to market faster and become even more profitable.

Expand your offering or just make your products better

The VIEWAR partner program is for companies and professionals who want to expand their current business with a turnkey software that can help to expand their current product portfolio or add additional value to their existing products.

Your advantage is our success

With this exclusive partner network of highly specialized companies in their field of expertise you can take advantage of the latest solutions and innovations emerging from these collaborations. By joining you will get access to leading technologies and be able to capitalize on different opportunities emerging from collaborations with other innovative partners. With the VIEWAR system you can now offer a full spectrum of augmented reality features integrated within a framework for easy development.

Partner models

With VIEWAR you can choose one of the following partner models. Depending on your own preferences we can create an individual plan for you that will fit your needs. Please be advised that we do not publicly state all the terms and conditions to protect our already established partners. Please contact us for more information here.

  • Reseller: Get the rights to sell or distribute VIEWAR’s software solutions. Depending on the partner level of your choice, you will get access to the full range of VIEWAR’s existing solution portfolio. Expand your current offerings with complementary software that fits your client’s needs.
  • Individual Software Vendor (ISV): Integrate VIEWAR features into your existing solution to add additional value and a higher buying incentive to your products.
  • Platform and Marketing Partner: With this affiliate-inspired partner model you simply link to VIEWAR products on your website and get a commission for every sale.

Your benefits of joining the VIEWAR partner network

By joining the VIEWAR partner program, you are joining one of the leading AR innovators worldwide. With cutting-edge technologies to create immersive experiences, VIEWAR offers a wide range of digital products for the professional market. Collaborate with the right partners and customers and be able to capitalize on opportunities in the AR market. The success of your business increases by adding new products and services and offering them to your clients.

  • Marketing support: VIEWAR is regularly pushing their marketing on different channels by publishing data-driven campaigns for the best results. Additionally VIEWAR hosts regular webinars for their partners, which will make it easy for you to stay up to date. We will present to you our latest developments and offer additional help for your software distribution strategy.
  • Sales materials: Content is king! Videos, Blog articles, social media posts, and much more, are created by our marketing team on a regular basis so you have the best materials available at your fingertips. Additionally you can request any material you might need. If we are able to provide you with it, we are happy to do so. As one of our partners feel free to reach out to us at any time.
  • All-around support: With the VIEWAR partnership you can now offer a full spectrum of augmented reality features integrated within a framework for easy development. We offer full support to each and every one of our partners. While everything is becoming more and more digital, you still might want to reach out to us and talk to someone. We are available via email and will come back to you in the next free minute. If it’s really urgent, or you want to talk to a familiar voice, you can set up a video call.

How to join

VIEWAR makes this partner network available to global innovators to give experts the chance to increase their own arsenal of collaboration opportunities. By enabling exchange through a pool of technology and solution providers, you can also benefit and capitalize on opportunities in the AR market.

Become a Partner

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