SAP Field Service Management powered by Augmented Reality

AR for Field Service Management


The demands on the technical sales force continue to increase. Adding to the pressure are emerging competing innovations and higher customer demands. Therefore, it is necessary for companies to make their technical field service more efficient in order to be able to guarantee a better quality of service.

What is efficient Field Service Management?

Digitalization has improved many things, including technical field service. Companies currently have access to a number of very efficient tools to improve their field service. This allows processes to be planned and optimized, reduces idle times and routes are optimally utilized. This is usually already done by the office staff to better prepare the field service for their colleagues.

But what happens when the field staff is on site? How can we ensure that the activities on site are carried out with the utmost care and efficiency? The answer to all these questions is a technology that many people are eagerly observing: augmented reality. Find out how important augmented reality is in field service management in this article.

How AR can improve Field Service Management

Digitisation is in full swing. The focus is on customer communication with technicians. This can be improved by AR remote assistance. This solves problems on site without requiring the technician to be physically present. Regardless of which field service management software you use, professional field service management combined with augmented reality is worthwhile in the long run simply because of the cost savings. The most important AR features for field service management are the following:

  • AR indoor navigation: Help your workers to find any service points by calculating the most efficient route even in the most complex building.
  • AR work instructions: Digital workflows can help to make sure that workers follow each step after another, leading to a seamless workflow-chain to ensure that the quality of output is met.
  • AR remote assistance: A powerful collaborative solution for remote guidance, which combines live video streaming with augmented reality technology.

No matter how well a system is built or maintained, errors occur during FSM. And if a plant is not properly maintained or a process is not carried out step by step, this increases the likelihood and severity of errors. This does not have to be the case! Digital workflows based on augmented reality, reduce errors because workers have to follow a specific process. This allows you to make your processes more efficient and increase the quality of your service.

Augmented Reality Field Management Software simplifies technical workflows in the field!

The advantages of AR Field Service Management

Regardless of the moderate digitisation efforts, professional and augmented reality-supported field service management is worthwhile simply because it facilitates many processes. This enables employees to design their processes more efficiently and improve the quality of their output. This is exactly where augmented reality comes in.

Inefficient communication can be improved, unnecessary idle time is reduced and the high workload is reduced. This reduces errors and saves costs in the longer term. Employees can work more efficiently and are optimally deployed according to their qualifications. And when a task requires a higher level of understanding, they receive help where they need it. 

FSM becomes more efficient with AR indoor navigation, AR work instructions, and AR remote assistance!

Field Service combined with augmented reality makes it easier for field service managers to deploy their employees optimally and plan routes efficiently. Companies thus need fewer dispatchers overall to coordinate the same number of technicians. The employees on site can thus complete their tasks faster and more efficiently.

AR for SAP Field Service Management

SERVICE AR is now available on SAP app store. The solution integrates with SAP Field Service Management solution, allowing for augmented reality functionalities. Users can enter the augmented reality mode via a deep link from their SAP mobile client and display directions to a point of interest, checklists, instructions or any other information from the SAP core system. Click here to navigate to the app.

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