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Augmented reality job-training: interest is rising

Augmented reality job-training evolving into becoming part of the everyday for many SMEs

Using augmented reality (AR) in training situations adds interactive, digital elements to a real-world environment through a tablet, phone, or headset. By this, the technology offers a dynamic alternative to traditional employee training. More and more SMEs recognize the advantages of using AR for process optimisation. Also, the importance of AR in keeping up to date with technological developments increases. VIEWAR helps companies bridge the gap between physical and digital. Additionally, we show you how easy it is to introduce augmented reality in everyday business processes.

A recent study revealed that bigger SME’s and SME’s with a younger workforce are most likely to utilise AR/VR. Additionally, 41 percent of the companies in the UK that do not yet use AR/VR  are interested in investing in augmented reality job-training.  Another finding shows that 40 percent of small and medium-sized corporations already implement augmented reality in training and onboarding new employees. Of this percentage, 59 per cent first implemented it during the last two years.  

Interest in investing in AR for training
Interest in investing in AR for training

Interest in augmented reality job-training is rising

This immersive technology can provide risk-free environments and scenarios that allow employees to sharpen skills needed for the job. In the workplace, AR can enhance learning and training both trainees and experienced workers. Additionally, AR can boost employee engagement and safety awareness, reduce training costs and lower learning curves.

AR technology integrated into worker programs can help increase productivity, efficiency and safety. This concept stumbled along for many years. Because of limits around integrated processes and data across engineering, manufacturing, and research teams. Concerns over worker safety, retirement and fluctuation as well as the broader integration of Internet of Things (IoT) have accelerated the use of augmented reality applications in the industrial sector. Ways to utilize this technology are becoming increasingly accessible. As a result, its presence in the workplace can be invaluable for both the company and its employees.

AR is here to stay

The study from Software Advice by Gartner revealed that AR tools have now become a popular resource among SME’s in the UK. 86 percent plan to continue using AR/VR in job-training in the next years. Likewise, advantages of incorporating AR/VR during pandemic times are wide-ranging. For example, adhering to social distancing, reduced costs for companies and capacity to deliver remote assistance. It can be utilised for employee-facing as well as customer-facing applications.

Survey respondents highlighted the many benefits that come from the use of AR. Including that 61 per cent claim it helps employees better understand the job. Moreover, 51 per cent say it adds a layer of practicality to the training process. 35 per cent believe it aids employees in learning faster. Additionally, 33 per cent believe it to be a cost-effective tool.

“The pandemic has drastically shaped businesses, including the tools they use. It has propelled them into becoming more technologically advanced and diverse. This is exemplified through the adoption of AR/VR in SMEs. Once seen as a complicated, expensive and technical tool, now it has evolved into becoming part of the everyday for many SMEs. As technologies advance further and therefore become cheaper to implement, more and more mechanised tools such as AR/VR will start being utilised on a daily basis.”

Sonia Navarrete, content analyst at Software Advice UK.

Examples of AR training

Technical Skills

Teach employees the parts of a product or piece of equipment. Allow them to see inside and click on single elements for explanations. Subsequently, you can prompt them to physically pick up virtual objects or rotate large objects to follow AR assembly instructions.

Multi-Step Tasks

Show the way through maintenance and repair procedures by outlining the steps directly presented on the object. Guide the employee to work through the problem step by step.


Introduce new employees by showing them the ins and outs of the business, shop floor, processes, manual. Displayed right where they are needed on their smartphone or smartglasses.

Product Knowledge Training

With AR, your employees can see existing or new products and familiarize themselves with every product component. As a result, they will see how it works, right on a smart device.

Benefits of augmented reality job-training


We all know the famous concept of learning by doing. AR provides the opportunity for proactive learning in an immersive way. Without risking severe consequences by making a mistake.


Some job situations are inherently dangerous, and training for them can be equally so. AR allows you to give your employees a safe and socially distant training environment where they can experiment without affecting sensitive machinery or the business.


The great thing about AR is that it is mobile-friendly. You can load a program to a phone or tablet and take it with you around your workplace. With your smartphone at hand, you can use available  information anywhere, but -more importantly- right where you need them. 

Training Costs

While initial cost for introducing AR technology to a company’s training routine can be comparatively high, the whole setup is reusable. More importantly, most people will have hardware of their own in the form of a smartphone. AR instruction features can be edited and maintained way more quickly and more cost efficient.

Benefits of AR in training
Benefits of AR in training

VIEWAR helps the transformation of modern training and onboarding

VIEWAR™ is a leading global provider of augmented reality (AR). We offer a complete infrastructure to create, manage, test and publish AR applications. You can use our services via web portal or with source code access via our SDK. Our technology is an augmented reality ecosystem, allowing non-AR-experts to create their own AR experiences. Use VIEWAR for indoor navigation, remote assistance, predictive maintenance or product visualization. 

Our strong suit is to push the integration of AR with other advanced technologies such as IoT. By leveraging digital twins we create complete spatial awareness to offer firmly integrated solutions for optimized work procedures. We combine AR and IoT capabilities to harness the digital thread and close the gap between the digital and physical world. By that, we help transform how products are manufactured, and serviced and how workers are trained. If you want to find out how VIEWAR can transform your business, contact us!

About the research

Data for the AR/VR survey was collected in August and September 2021. 1,000 UK managers and owners of SME’s responded to the survey. The study was conducted by a subsidiary of Gartner, Software Advice. This B2B software search website provides one-on-one advice. By this, they help guide users in choosing the best possible software option for their business. Gartner, Inc. is a leading provider of research and analysis on the global information technology industry. For more information, take a look at the study.

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