Transform manufacturing with Augmented Reality

Gartner report says AR is one of the key missions in connecting workers

Empowering the Future Workforce Through VIEWAR’s Innovative Technology in the Paradigm Shift from Automation to Augmentation

In the Gartner Group’s outlook for 2024, they identify ten key strategic tech trends to pay attention to. One of these trends is “Augmented Connected Workforce” – a new way of thinking about how technology can be used to address a growing skills gap in the workforce. This idea of using technology to augment the capabilities of the workforce was the subject a recent white paper from the World Economic Forum (WEF).

This white paper identifies the need to transform manufacturing industry’s relationship with technology, moving on from automation, to more of a focus on augmenting the capabilities of a firm’s human resources. In highlighting a range of augmentation technologies that put people first, the WEF paper finds that many of these emerging technologies share a common user interface: Augmented Reality (AR). 

The heart of these transformational technologies is the recognition that AR is not just a tool for efficiency, but a catalyst for empowering people. The concept of augmenting the workforce, as described by Gartner, is exemplified in how VIEWAR’s technology unlocks the harmonious integration of human ingenuity and technological advancements. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the benefits of VIEWAR’s SERVICE AR product as a critical tool to augment the capabilities of your existing and future workforce.

Transform manufacturing with ar solution

Benefit 1: Digitizing knowledge and enabling employees to perform new tasks and acquire new skills

Today’s manufacturing facilities are large, complex and dynamic; thus, it is becoming increasingly difficult to train new employees on where things are, what needs to be done, and how to stay safe. Step one to address this is digitizing knowledge – knowledge of place, procedures and processes. VIEWAR’s technology makes this task much simpler and more accessible. 

Once this tribal knowledge is in digital form, it is organized spatially, easily accessed by simply pointing a phone. This capability is powerful, and significantly reduces the learning curve associated with large facilities. Employees can quickly familiarize themselves with complex environments, navigate workspaces safely, and efficiently locate the necessary equipment.

Today, VIEWAR’s indoor navigation is significantly improving operational efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing, with results of reducing search times by 60% and downtime by 50%. With the need to find and maintain thousands of valves or fixtures across a huge facility, the workforce spends considerable time finding the correct location, while the change itself requires only a few minutes. This guidance is not only incredibly useful for experienced workers, but absolutely critical to augmenting the capabilities of new workers.

Benefit 2: Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial operations

In the rapidly evolving landscape of manufacturing, the drive towards increased efficiency and effectiveness in industrial operations is paramount. This is where VIEWAR’s advanced workflow solutions play a pivotal role, simplifying complex tasks while also ensuring they are executed accurately and efficiently. VIEWAR’s workflow acts as a digital guide, overlaying interactive, context-sensitive instructions directly onto the physical environment. Whether it’s assembly, maintenance, or quality control, VIEWAR’s AR interface provides visual cues, alerts, and detailed information right at the point of use. 

A standout feature of VIEWAR’s workflow solution is the ease at which they can be created – requiring no code, the simple editor allows any worker to digitize their knowledge and make it available to others. These can also be created dynamically via API, for integrating within existing systems. For instance, in automotive manufacturing, VIEWAR’s technology augments a technician’s capabilities by guiding them through intricate assembly processes, ensuring each component is correctly and efficiently installed. By empowering workers with AR-driven guidance, VIEWAR is not just enhancing productivity but also building a more competent and confident workforce. 

Benefit 3: Supporting human connection and collaboration, overcoming travel restrictions

In today’s globalized and interconnected world, the ability to maintain seamless collaboration across distances is a critical asset for any manufacturing enterprise. VIEWAR’s remote assistance feature helps overcome the challenges posed by distance, particularly when travel the expense of travel across vast distances come into play. VIEWAR’s remote assistance establishes a unique spatial awareness between on-site workers and remote experts, enabling those remote experts to share their knowledge with on-site workers with much richer, real-time context. With both parties interacting as if they were in the same physical location, remote experts provide instant, context-specific guidance and support, leading to more effective communication and quicker problem resolution.

Moreover, VIEWAR’s remote assistance is not just about problem-solving; it’s a tool that fosters a deeper human connection in the workplace. By allowing for real-time collaboration across any distance, it ensures that knowledge and expertise are shared seamlessly, creating a learning environment that benefits all involved. This is particularly valuable in industries where precision and expertise are paramount, such as aerospace manufacturing or high-tech equipment maintenance. VIEWAR’s remote assistance is a testament to how advanced AR technology can not only enhance operational efficiency but also augment human interactions.

Conclusion: Embracing Augmentation with VIEWAR

The paradigm shift from automation to augmentation in the manufacturing sector marks a significant evolution, and VIEWAR’s technology uniquely enables this transformative journey.

Firstly, VIEWAR excels in connecting workers with their environment, with AR technology that harnesses a new dimension of spatial awareness in the workplace. This not only helps in navigating complex facilities with ease but also ensures that employees can interact with their surroundings in a more informed and efficient manner.

Secondly, VIEWAR plays a crucial role in connecting workers with essential operational knowledge. VIEWAR workflows provide step-by-step guidance, ensuring that tasks are performed accurately and efficiently, thereby reducing the margin for error. The platform becomes a repository of institutional knowledge, readily available to anyone in need of it.

Lastly, VIEWAR is instrumental in connecting workers with each other, especially when solving the uniquely spatial problems inherent in manufacturing. The remote assistance feature fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, regardless of physical distances. By enabling on-site workers to collaborate with remote experts, VIEWAR ensures that both parties are augmented with true spatial context and real-time information.

In conclusion, VIEWAR is not just a technological solution; it’s a catalyst for a more empowered, informed, and collaborative workforce. By embracing the principles of augmentation, VIEWAR provides a platform that elevates the human capital, ensuring that workers are more connected to their environment, their tasks, and each other.

As both the WEH and Gartner Group make clear, the future of manufacturing can be realized only with the collaboration of all stakeholders, making use of these new augmented technologies to create more adaptive, innovative and productive environments that enhance human potential. In this collaborative future, the role AR, VR and related technologies technology, as exemplified by VIEWAR, extends beyond operational efficiency. It becomes a catalyst for transformation, where the augmentation of human capabilities is at the core of every innovation.

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