High up! Austrian Airlines go AR in China
August 17, 2018

High up! Austrian Airlines go AR in China

Fasten your seat belts! For their 60th anniversary, Austrian Airlines went to China to promote their new Premium Economy Class. The major promotional campaign was held in Shanghai and Beijing.

After the success of the myAustrian Premium Economy AR application, the airline entrusted it’s Live Marketing Agency Stargate Group with developing an AR concept for the promotional events in China. Stargate Group therefore decided to extend their cooperation with ViewAR, asking ViewAR to support them on showcasing the newest services in China. In order to avoid the transport and tax hassle, a decision was made to organise the promotion purely around AR. A set of EXCHIMP HMD adapters were used to let the audience interact with the seats appearing within the designed scene. It is worth mentioning that while the used devices’ cost is only 150 euros, the provided experience is similar to the HoloLens due to a see-through effect combined with a smartphone tracking system.

“Asia is at the forefront of new technologies and opportunities. By using augmented reality, we want to pick up the target group in their world of life,” says Stargate Group Managing Director Harald Knoll. He explains: “In addition, by using additional gadgets that make the benefits easier to experience, we can transport the emotion of the journey in advance.”

myAustrian Premium Economy AR App

In Q1 of 2018, ViewAR has created an app for Austrian Airlines that lets users experience the Premium Economy seats. The app lets you use AR to place a chair into your living room and walk around it, as if it would be there. The app was an enormous success, it became a outstanding example of what you can do with AR, showing the fantastic rendering capabilities of the ViewAR SDK.