VIEWAR becomes SAP Silver Partner

SERVICE AR Achieves SAP Silver Partner Status


We are excited to announce that VIEWAR has strengthened its partnership with SAP, in which SERVICE AR achieves SAP Silver Partner status. As a result, our cutting-edge solution, SERVICE AR, is available on SAP Store, the renowned online marketplace for SAP offerings. This integration enables users to seamlessly access augmented reality (AR) functionalities through SAP Field Service Management and SAP Asset Manager.

VIEWAR becomes SAP Silver Partner

SERVICE AR and SAP Field Service Management

With the integration of SERVICE AR into SAP Field Service Management, users gain access to a multitude of AR features. By simply connecting the SAP mobile client to SERVICE AR with deep links, they can activate the augmented reality mode and unlock a wide range of capabilities.

This encompasses direct to specific data points, accessing checklists and instructions, offering remote assistance, and retrieving valuable information from the SAP core system. Developed through SAP.iO, SAP’s strategic business unit for startup innovation, this innovative solution empowers businesses to optimize field service operations using AR technology.

Enhanced Accessibility and Efficiency for SAP Users

Markus Meixner, founder and CEO of VIEWAR, expressed his excitement about offering SERVICE AR on SAP Store. He has highlighted how SERVICE AR streamlines business processes and enables workers to navigate efficiently through augmented reality. Furthermore, digital work instructions provided through the solution contribute to increased productivity, accuracy, and consistency within the workforce.

Achieved SAP Silver Partner status

By attaining SAP Silver Partner status and introducing SERVICE AR on SAP Store, VIEWAR unveils new possibilities for SAP technology-driven businesses. This collaboration empowers companies to leverage augmented reality in field service management and maintenance, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience. We are dedicated to driving innovation and delivering exceptional solutions that empower businesses in their digital transformation journey.

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VIEWAR’s partnership with SAP highlights the expertise and commitment to excellence that drives our organization forward. Please note that SAP, along with its products and services mentioned in this article, are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE in Germany and other countries. Additional trademark information and notices can be found on the SAP Copyright page. All other product and service names mentioned belong to their respective companies.

Link to SAP store: https://store.sap.com/

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