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3 Ways to Increase Efficiency in Pharma Manufacturing with Augmented Reality


As the competition is increasing and regulatory requirements are exerting additional pressure on manufacturing companies, boosting productivity and efficiency has become a major requirement for success in Pharma manufacturing.

So how can efficiency be improved to meet the demands of the market? Working harder sometimes does not do the trick. There needs to be a focus on main areas that will increase efficiency over the complete manufacturing lifecycle. Let us find out what these main areas are…

When is a company efficient? 

A company is efficient and makes best use of the resources it currently has. Efficiency can be increased over and over again as time goes on. There are several ways to do that as we will later see. Efficiency is important for profitability and increases the company’s profit per employee.

Understanding your metrics will help you decide which areas in your business need improvement.

The three main areas of efficiency and how to improve them

Efficiency cannot be achieved simply by improving one thing, but must happen along the entire production chain. This means that not a single process has to be improved in one way, but many processes one after the other in different ways. How can that be achieved? Let’s look at the following three ways:

  • Saving time: By working faster, spending less time to complete a defined task, you can increase your overall efficiency. Sometimes pushing workers to their limit does not yield the highest reward. Instead, try to optimize each process on their own.
  • Increasing Output: When you want to increase efficiency, maybe you can produce more at the same time. Trying out new ways instead of optimizing current processes can lead to higher rewards. Give incentives so workers complete more tasks at the same time.
  • Improving Quality: Redoing the same work because of human errors is time consuming. Doing tasks at a higher success rate will lead to a lower task repetition, increasing overall efficiency in the amount of time spent. Therefore, make sure tasks are done well.

Augmented Reality as a way to increase efficiency

A technology that is becoming more and more popular is augmented reality (AR). It enhances the view of the physical world with computer-generated images, videos, and other content, thereby presenting information in a new way. It is a major step towards digitalization and a crucial step in getting your company ready for Industry 4.0

With Industry 4.0 incorporating so many advanced technologies, a digital twin is core to avoiding information overload and keeping the innovative engine running. It is a 3D model of your manufacturing facility, mirroring every aspect of it and making it digitally available. It can then be enhanced with more information when it is specifically relevant. This makes information management easier, creates a more efficient environment, and a better organization overall.

Augmented reality can not only help increase efficiency, it is the latest technology that also leads to long-term success. The following use cases have proven to be particularly successful:

1. AR remote assistance

Get support from remote experts and receive immediate solutions to important problems or provide solutions when no experts are present directly on-site. It can reduce errors and the need for experts in the field which then cuts down on-field operation costs and reduces downtimes.Direct screen sharing improves understanding, prevents communication mistakes and enables fast and accurate help!

2. AR and VR Training

Training is important for employees to improve their knowledge and grow their skillset. Visualize complex information to improve understanding and retention of on-the-job pharma manufacturing education. Location based, information, video, documents and instructions can be a big help on the work-floor. Better Learning, Onboarding and improvement of potential worker-skill-gaps can create additional value, less time-spend and cost reduction.

3. AR indoor navigation

Finding the way to a destination in complex buildings is a challenging task. With AR indoor navigation you can navigate to specific parts of your facility with ease and have all the information at one place thanks to your 3D scan that acts as a digital twin.

Augmented Reality at VIEWAR

Augmented Reality is a proven Industry 4.0 approach to have a direct impact on several metrics of efficiency within a company. VIEWAR is the leading European software provider for innovative augmented reality software solutions. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, developing state-of-the-art software with the latest features and technologies, VIEWAR has built a trustworthy reputation in the AR space. If you want to schedule a demo call or need help to identify the most valuable AR use case for you contact us, use the form below. Our VIEWAR experts are here to help you.

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