Remote Assistance
November 28, 2018

ViewAR is releasing the helpar Remote Assistance template!

ViewAR is releasing helpar – the first remote assistance template that learns!

Remote Assistance is one of the Augmented Reality trends which are here to stay. ViewAR taking this notion one step further by releasing a template with SDK!

The helpar Augmented Reality Template lets a user film an object (e.g. a car engine or a coffee machine) and make a video call to an Assistant asking for support. When the object is filmed, a three-dimensional feature points list is being generated in real-time, allowing both the user and the assistant to create sticky annotations directly on the discussed object.

After the call is finished, the assistant may save the video with annotations, additionally describing it with tags (e.g. coffee machine, water leak, seal). In this way, a database of already answered questions is created and made available to other users, simplifying the advisory process and significantly reducing its cost.

A free version of the helpar Template may be found on our Developer Portal.

Why use the ViewAR Template System?

First of all, creating a remote assistance application is difficult. It requires integration of numerous components like tracking systems, 3D rendering of contents with animations, user interface, application logic, streaming of video image & tracking information, audio connection, server infrastructure just to name a few. It is quite an effort for a single customer support app, isn’t it?

This is why ViewAR offers ready-made solutions in a form of templates integrating a set of most suitable features, also taking care of setting up the server infrastructure. This way you may use already developed functionalities, even if you are not a skilled developer! The SDK and source code access for this template are provided, so that application functionalities may be integrated into existing applications or further extended.

helpar has full support for iOS and Android. It can even work, as a receiver, in the web browser.

More Templates

The ViewAR system provides a set of other useful templates. As soon as you get a grasp of working with our system and SDK, it will be easy to develop and combine different functionalities, giving your development a boost!