February 13, 2019

ViewAR is releasing the Wall Art Template!

Have you ever wondered how big a printout should be? Or how the placement of a painting would influence the interior? There is no easier way to verify it than with the use of Augmented Reality!

In the coming years, the AR technology will be seamlessly blending into our everyday lives. It’ll become available on our phones, tablets, and headsets, present in the shopping malls to help us pick the best item of clothing without even trying it on. AR school and training aids will be as natural to us as textbooks. AR is bound to become an easy-to-use, intuitive and accessible solution.

That being said – it’s high time to start simplifying it! Our new Wall Art Template is an example of a straightforward, functional application, possible to be personalized and filled up with custom content also by non-professionals. There is no better way to start with AR!

Choose an image from the gallery…

…pick a wall to place it on…

…et voilà! In less than 10 seconds 

Learn more about the Wall Art Template here.
Follow the Manual and Tutorials for a soft start in the technology.

The App is available both for iOS and Android.