ViewAR SDK – now open source!

In the past months, we received an enormous number of demands for custom applications using our features. It became obvious that many developers are looking not only for fixed solutions but also a robust platform which would enable them to freely mix and match those modules.

Therefore, we decided to go open source with our SDK! Our beloved baby, effect of 7 years AR development and experience, base of our everyday work – now in your hands.

Why is it so special? Long story short – it gives developers a kick start into creating their very own custom applications, getting a ready built infrastructure right at the beginning. Moreover, it comes with a functionality of having a local development environment which makes you 20 times more efficient than other systems (like Unity, Unreal). Also, we created a CLI Tool (command line interface) which lets you initialise sample applications with a single command. It means that you can set up an open source sample application, a bare installation with plain JavaScript or using React within seconds. Last but not the least – the platform gives you instant and easy access to various tracking systems. Because there is no solution which would fit every need.

See the feature set of base6:

This app comes with features similar to the ones knows from IKEA Place, TapMeasure or CamToPlan plus a 3d room planner. And – you get the full source of it!

QR Navigation:

How to begin with a sample project:

Furthermore, in order to get you started, we are releasing our three of our most wanted templates: base6 (furniture and product visualisation), QR Navigation (indoor navigation with ARKit) and Object Tracking & Remote Support.

Note: License terms and fees still apply for using the ViewAR SDK.

Why are we doing this?

Because we think the power of creating applications is the developers’ hands out there. Can you make our code better than us? Great! Let us know. Share it and offer it on our platform. Maybe – join us? And let’s see what comes next

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