VIEWAR IOT Data Visualization

Visualizing IoT-Data with Augmented Reality

Challenge: There is just too much data!

The flood of information is unstoppable. New data is produced constantly and employees have to deal with it every day. The data must be evaluated and simplified so that it is accessible throughout the whole company. Ultimately, it is hoped that this will lead to learnings from which the company can benefit.

However, this is not always an easy task. Not everyone can understand the data, which usually requires experts for interpretation. In addition, it is not always easy to derive the learnings from it. So how do you manage to present the data in such a way that even non-experts can learn something from it? With the right data visualization, this is possible!

What is information overload?

When there is too much data available, it becomes a problem. Information overload leads to being too busy evaluating the information and figuring out what information is important. This prevents employees from making smart decisions – because they are still busy evaluating the data. They feel confused and stressed out. Their frustration will lead them to make mistakes. Information overload shuts our brains down!

Why is data visualization so important?

“The large volume of information is not a problem per se. The real problems are the lack of information-quality control on the one hand, and our inability to control the flow of incoming information on the other.”

Oksana Tunikova

Data visualization makes it possible to analyze enormous volumes of data that comes from an IoT system. You can organize information in a non-hierarchical way, making it easier to see the information at hand. By employing the best practice design principles and patterns you can show relationships between different elements which provide useful insights from the data available.

This makes it easier for everyone to derive learnings from huge amounts of data!

How to make IoT work for you – with SERVICE AR!

You can now make data visible and accessible where it is needed using augmented reality IoT data visualization. This links live data with a physical object and visualizes it on the exact coordinates. You can detect outliers and trends faster and derive specific actions accordingly. Augmented reality IoT Data visualization offers the opportunity to better focus on numbers that would normally be more difficult to understand, leading to better communication and learnings inside your company. Learn more about SERVICE AR.

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