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With its mobile AR navigation app at the Technical Museum in Vienna, BOLD Awards nominated VIEWAR in the category “Boldest AR/VR”. This category especially highlights innovative AR,VR and XR projects. For this, evaluation criteria cover an aesthetic, usability, and technology perspective. Moreover, they also include evidence of successful applications of augmented reality technology.
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The Project

Using the museum App at the Technical Museum in Vienna, visitors can choose one or more Points of Interest (POIs) on their phone. The interactive AR guide by the VIEWAR system will lead them to the destination. Once at the destination, the app offers information for interaction on the user’s smartphone display. This helps visitors create personalized tours or use already existing tours. With the help of augmented reality, the user can also see interactive content at the Point of Interest. Read more about this project: “VIEWAR powering world’s largest AR indoor navigation at Technical Museum of Vienna.”

Although it is a relatively new technology, AR mobile navigation apps provide various opportunities for museum visitors to create a memorable experience. It is an easy and innovative way to offer: 

  • additional information about objects
  • easy wayfinding and navigation
  • guided tours, even in times of social distancing
  • gamification, such as treasure hunts and puzzles

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The BOLD Awards

The third annual BOLD Awards recognize top companies, projects and individuals powering breakthroughs around the world. For this, the two organizers Crowdsourcing Week and H-FARM came together to organize this innovative awards program. Furthermore, BOLD Awards aims to gather and share stories of companies and organizations large and small from all over the world who manage their projects and initiatives in a way that really powers breakthroughs. 

Projects will be evaluated on the following criteria: 

  • Level of Impact 40%, 
  • Scalability 30%
  • Transparency 20%
  • Human & Social Factor 10%

The public will then select the finalists via voting. Secondly, jury members with category-specific expertise will evaluate the shortlisted entries based on their criteria and select 5 nominees per category. The public vote weighs 50% and the judges final vote is also 50%. 

Vote for VIEWAR as Boldest AR/VR!

Starting today, January 18th, the public voting is open to all until January 25th. Finalists are selected via public voting, and also by market leaders, innovators and change-makers around the world. Together they join the judging process of the boldest projects. The jury members with category-specific expertise will evaluate the shortlisted entries based on their criteria and select 5 nominees per category.  The public vote is weighted 50% and the judges final vote is also 50%. The winner will be revealed at the awards ceremony on April 22nd, 2022 in Venice, Italy. We‘d love and appreciate the support from all of you! Our clients, partners, friends & family and the whole AR community can help us win this award. Just visit the BOLD voting page and vote for us!

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