Digital Twin

What is a Digital Twin?


In a world where big data and the internet of things are becoming more important, digitalization of physical assets is a sure way to get ready for the augmented reality revolution. Such a digital twin has a wide variety of use cases, can help a company to grow, and is a necessary first step to make AR-innovations from VIEWAR work. 

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a digital representation of a tangible or intangible object from the real world in the digital world. It is irrelevant whether the counterpart already exists in the real world or will exist in the future. 

Why would you need a digital twin?

A technology that is becoming more and more popular today is augmented reality (AR). It enhances the view of the physical world with computer-generated images, videos, and other content, thereby presenting information in a new way. A digital twin of your own facility is the basic necessity to make AR work and to get all the benefits it offers.

A digital twin is a major step towards digitalization
and getting your company ready for Industry 4.0.

Digital twins can be made to track, improve, and forecast performance, maintenance, and other related aspects. Alternately, they can be developed for objects that haven’t yet been made, giving designers and engineers the chance to replicate, test, and improve their ideas before making a real thing. Costs can be decreased, efficiency can be increased, and development timeframes can be sped up with this strategy.

In general, digital twins can help a variety of businesses, including manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, and urban planning. Making a digital twin can help with decision-making, performance, and innovation by providing a deeper understanding of the behavior and attributes of the real-world object.

Making the best out of your 3D scan

Digital twins enable data transfers between the real world object and the digital representation. A 3D scan can be used to store and observe data from the real environment in a digital representation. Teams are then able to design and construct complicated systems in an immersive and participatory manner. Additionally, it makes it easier to predict the course of events and calculate their effects. In the end, this results in suggestions for action that are crucial to the company’s success.

Even by itself, a digital twin can be a very useful tool for operating your facilities. Employees and managers within your firm have access to anything that is kept in the digital twin. If your company is in the manufacturing industry, a 3D model of a machine or a process step could be used to digitally replicate the entire step or machine. Due to safety concerns or financial constraints, testing certain things in the real world may not be as simple as they are in a digital counterpart. 

A digital twin makes information management easier, creates a more efficient environment, and a better organization overall.

If you want to reap all the advantages previously discussed, you will require the appropriate tools and solutions to fully utilize your digital twin. You can add information on how machines should be operated, track progress of processes, enhance the interaction with certain machines and objects, and track the location of your workers within your facility.

Process optimizations using digital technology will be crucial to maintain competitiveness as we move into the future. The use of augmented reality technology can boost output and boost the profitability of your company. With augmented reality, the data can be seen in a physical setting exactly where you need it. On the spot, reality and digital content are combined.

Augmented reality use cases for your digital twin

Your digital twin can be used in a variety of ways, as was already described. One of the numerous ways to fully utilize your digital doppelganger is by using augmented reality. Even investing in one of the most profitable technologies now available on the market can be necessary. It is a new technological advancement with a variety of long-term advantages. We’ll demonstrate numerous applications of augmented reality in business in the chapter that follows:

  • Onboarding and on-the-job training: Since it gives a mechanism to link pertinent data inside a company to its most helpful place, augmented reality (AR) technology can make upskilling and training staff more effective. With AR, setting up instructions for complex procedures becomes easier. For onboarding and on-the-job training, digital work instructions can be utilized to walk employees step-by-step through a procedure, resulting in a speedier completion time, less effort, and fewer errors. Well-trained employees aren’t replaced by AR; rather, it increases their efficiency, which can help them handle more work and foster trust.
  • Improved maintenance procedures: Digital workflows can enhance the effectiveness and quality of maintenance processes. Digital work instructions have the potential to decrease human mistake rates, lessen machine downtime, and ultimately boost productivity. Worker focus can be increased by replacing manual and paper-based maintenance operations.
  • Immediate help by experts: It’s important to manage problems as soon as possible by hiring highly skilled professionals or remote support. By assisting in identifying the root cause of equipment failures, augmented reality can make it simpler for conventional personnel to replace the necessary components. Workers may easily determine the source of a breakdown by adding an augmented reality marker, and they can fix the machine by themselves by following the precise procedure linked to the problem code. Digital processes make it less likely that a phase will be forgotten, making them simple to follow for both novice and seasoned personnel. Although it is ideal to prevent failures and downtime, having the proper mechanisms in place can assist lessen their effects.

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