Digital Twin

What is a Digital Twin?


In a world where big data and the internet of things are becoming more important, digitalization of physical assets is a sure way to get ready for the augmented reality revolution. Such a digital twin has a wide variety of use cases, can help a company to grow, and is a necessary first step to make AR-innovations from VIEWAR work. 

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a digital representation of a tangible or intangible object from the real world in the digital world. It is irrelevant whether the counterpart already exists in the real world or will exist in the future. 

Why would you need a digital twin?

A technology that is becoming more and more popular today is augmented reality (AR). It enhances the view of the physical world with computer-generated images, videos, and other content, thereby presenting information in a new way.

A digital twin of your own facility is the basic necessity to make AR work and to get all the benefits it offers. It is a major step towards digitalization and a crucial step in getting your company ready for Industry 4.0.

What comes after the digital twin?

After creating your digital twin you are going to need the right software that will make full use of your digital twin so you can get all the benefits that have been previously mentioned. New challenges emerge regularly and having one customizable solution is necessary to adjust to these upcoming challenges. 

The VIEWAR solutions

VIEWAR offers augmented reality solutions for multiple use cases and industries out of the box and is on its way to becoming a leading partner for more sophisticated clients who want a reliable indoor navigation solution.

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