System Features

Use the POWER of the ViewAR™ System.


The ViewAR™ System offers a constantly growing range of features

  • HTML UI Layer

    The ViewAR System has a C++ Core, overlaid with an HTML layer for the UI. This approach lets you create UIs using HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks like react or angular.

  • Style with CSS

    Applications may be customized with the use of HTML and CSS. This functionality is available through the App Builder or when you create a custom application with the SDK.

  • Multi-Tracking Support

    The ViewAR System supports all major tracking solutions available on the market, therefore no matter the platform and device, an appropriate option may be found.

  • Scene Configuration

    It is possible to compose multi-object scenes within an application. Furthermore, complex interdependencies between elements, such as relative positioning, may be defined.

  • Web-based Material Editor

    Material settings are defined through an web-based editor. You can even define multiple alternative options for models.

  • Parametric Objects

    The ViewAR System supports models with built-in parametric rules for geometry customization. It is a memory-, loading-time-, and effort-efficient solution.

  • Configuration Editor

    Scene models and there properties may follow predefined rules called "Configurations". Rules can be applied for the possibility of object assembling, material settings and parametric properties.

  • Web browser Version

    Thanks to the JavaScript port of our rendering engine and HTML-based ViewAR Front End, the applications come with a web version. This not only extends the group of users but also simplifies development, debugging and testing.

  • Multi-Platform Support

    Possibility of running the same application on devices with iOS and Android Operating Systems without any adjustments. Drastically lowers development effort, time and cost.

  • Shopping-Cart API

    It is possible to generate a list of items associated with prices and include it in the application. Moreover, an automated ordering function may be implemented.

  • Project Save/Load

    Scenes, assigned to a user, their contents and parameters may be saved to the database to be reloaded later. Those informations may also be summarised and reused.

  • Remote Assistance

    Video streaming and VOIP(audio) connection between two devices with the possibility of a shared scene for annotations. This feature may be also used for guided shopping.

  • Scene Export (OBJ, USDZ)

    Export your whole 3D-scene including color options and scene lights as .obj format or Apple's new .usdz AR file format.

  • USDZ Converter

    Convert any 3D-file into .usdz file format with our free online USDZ-Converter.

  • Freeze Frame

    Save a snapshot of your camera image including camera position and field of view (extrinsics & intrinsics).

Build your vision now!

Until now, AR applications development used to be an extremely complex domain. The ViewAR System makes the technology accessible and intuitive. Don’t miss out! Try it for free!