Defect Marking

Elevate your issue reporting process with our cutting-edge AR defect marking solution. Make defect documentation and repair processes easy and efficient.

Defect Marking

Take Defect Marking to a new Level

VIEWAR’s distinctive augmented reality technology enables precise reporting and effortless pinpointing of various defects, such as damage to pipes and walls or broken machinery parts. While traditional reporting software allows defects to be documented only through text and images, AR Defect Marking also enables the preservation of the defect’s position in 3D coordinates. As a result, defect localization becomes seamless for both internal and external technicians, allowing them to easily navigate to any affected area using various mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or AR glasses at any time.


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Precise Defect Localization

Fast Resolution

Faster Issue Resolution

System Integration

Enhanced Collaboration

Downtime Cost

Cost Savings

Easy Setup and Integration


Defects can be marked and documented with the help of a mobile device. When users see a defect that needs to be reported he can tag the defect by saving the location, taking a picture and documenting the issue. Reported issues get collected and technicians can be sent to solve the defect by using the navigation and the documented information.

During the planning phase, planners can use their browser to open the web version and navigate through the facility. This helps them to get a better overview and decide which equipment or tools might be needed on-site. For instance, if the defect is somewhere high up, a scaffolding might be necessary or specific safety equipment. Besides that, the web version helps to make meetings more efficient because the team can view everything virtually in their browser…

Within the execution phase, maintenance technicians are supported on-site with corrective maintenance measures. This starts with AR navigation, where technicians are guided to the right place of the defective asset, to the usage of AR workflows and remote assistance which support the actual repair.

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