helpar Template

A powerful, high-end and up-to-date Augmented Reality template for remote assistance.

template helpar

helpar is a powerful remote assistance template for developing intuitive communication and collaboration tools. It lets users easily incorporate one-to-one calls and enhance communication with synchronized touch transmission, bidirectional transfer of audio/video and predefined animations in AR. Annotations are synchronized in real time and may be stored in a knowledge database for later use. The style of the app can be easily customized with either our online editor or with CSS. Content (fonts, images, 3D models, etc.) can be conveniently uploaded through our intuitive user back end.

Template Variants


Users can initiate a call to a hotline/call center allowing any support agent to answer the call. Both parties can place annotations in the camera image.


Hotline & Knowledge Base

This version includes all features of the hotline version. Additionally every annotation may be saved to a database with corresponding tags. These annotations are offered to customers for self-service usage, leading to costs optimization in the long-run.


Direct Call

Remote support has never been easier. Incorporate support calls into a user-friendly application and enhance the communication with synchronized touch transmission and visualization. The application is even able to save annotations for later usage in a self-service approach. Let this intuitive app become a game-changer for your company’s communication.