Wien Energie

Wien Energie is responsible for ensuring the reliable supply of electricity, natural gas and heating to around two million people, 230,000 businesses and industrial facilities, as well as 4,500 farms in the Greater Vienna metropolitan area. Activities also performed by the company include waste recycling, providing energy-related advice and services, facility management, telecommunications. Moreover, Wien Energie is active in a number of projects at a European level.

Wien Energie offers heating, cooling and decentralised products such as citizen investment models directly. Electricity and gas are sold via the subsidiary Wien Energie Vertrieb GmbH & Co KG.

With a turnover of EUR 1,820,8 million (2015), Wien Energie can be counted among Austria’s top 30 companies in terms of turnover. In the 2015 financial, Wien Energie GmbH employed an average of 2,680 employees in the various different company divisions.

Wien Energie Group is therefore one of the largest employers in the Austrian capital.


March, 2017


  • AR App allows indoor navigation
  • Displays real-time data of the plant
  • Recalls instructions for repairmen’s activities
  • Enables collaborative work of teams

Client overview

Wien Energie’s approach into industry 4.0, testing HoloLens applications in a real environment of a plant.