SERVICE AR is your all-in-one industrial AR solution. Use spatial workflows to optimize your maintenance and operational processes, reduce downtime, and increase workplace safety, all with one single solution.

Enhance Business Operations

Navigate, instruct, and support with digital precision.

SERVICE AR utilizes augmented reality to enhance operational processes by overlaying contextual information related to the environment onto any mobile device screen. Workers can view their immediate surroundings through devices like smartphones or smart glasses, augmented with digital elements like navigation, step-by-step instructions, and remote support. This empowers operators with visual guidance and training, allowing them to carry out complex processes efficiently and safely.

VIEWAR stands as the sole system that provides this comprehensive feature set within a single product, complemented by the option for source code access, allowing advanced customization and seamless integrations.

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Features & Benefits

SERVICE AR comes with multiple integrations and can also be used via ERP vendors.

Indoor navigation

Minimize orientation time and assist your workers in locating the quickest route to any service point.

Work instructions

Complete tasks and training with increased speed, precision, and consistency.


Improve the quality of maintenance inspections by utilizing standardized and interactive checklists, ensuring tasks are completed without errors.

Remote support

Resolve problems remotely with augmented reality-powered guidance, providing assistance as if someone is right there with you.

Defect marking

Utilize digital annotations to capture defects within any physical location and simplify their identification and relocation.

Maintenance tours

Reduce time spent on navigation and efficiently guide your employees along the fastest route during their maintenance tour.


By using AI detection you can verify the state of any object, thereby enhancing the speed and quality of maintenance procedures.

IOT data visualization

Display real-time data where it is really needed.

Location-based content

Display digital content based on your physical position.

User Authentication

Verify user identities and manage access to your application.

Offline Mode

Employ SERVICE AR in areas lacking internet connectivity, and automatically save data once a connection is restored.

VR Web Version

Utilize SERVICE AR via your web browser.


The virtual reality web version shares identical features with its mobile counterpart, with the difference that content is viewed through a browser. This enables visualizations of entire facilities, enabling users to walkthrough the digital twin and engage different activities. Similar to the mobile application, users can receive guidance to specific destinations within the 3D scan of the facility and participate in location-based training scenarios.

Easy Setup and Integration

Industries Transformed by SERVICE AR

APIs & Integration

SERVICE AR comes with multiple integrations and can also be used via ERP vendors.

cloud poi data

External database

iot data

IoT Data Visualization

sdk native library

Native Library

SDK Improved

Source Code Access

ibm sap

ERP Vendors

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Additional Services and Licences

phone apps
server isolated

Supported Devices & Compatibility

Built for all AR capable devices.



iOS, Android



Browser based

ar glasses

AR Glasses

Magic Leap 2

smart glasses

Smart Glasses

Coming soon

Minimum requirements
Operating systems iOS 11, Android 7.0
Build in technology ARKit or ARCore
Operating systems iOS 12 or later, Android 11 or later
Build in technology ARKit or ARCore
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