Wien Energie

Task assignment, indoor navigation and live IOT data display combined to support a field engineer in a maintenance task. Moreover, live camera image streaming and the user position tracking made possible with the use of a Microsoft HoloLens device.

On-site support of the future

Providing on-site support may be a challenge. Employees often work long-hours in difficult conditions – exposed to stress, time-pressure and environmental conditions. Numerous new ways of providing them professional support and expertise are emerging. The Wien Energie project uses a Microsoft HoloLens device to transmit information to the field engineer performing a turbine maintenance task. Necessary data, like sensor output, is displayed using OPC data APIs. Admin version of the software (desktop/iPad) is used for task assignment and process overview. Furthermore, the end-user position may be tracked in 3D and the view from his device’s camera – transmitted to the server. On-site support pilot project realised for Wien Energie.