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Augmented Reality for Pharma Manufacturing Training On-the-Job


It cannot be denied: manufacturing operations have become even more complex over the last few years. Companies, faced with supply and demand side pressure now put an even greater emphasis on product quality and process efficiency. That is to say, companies want to create better output and reduce errors in the process. How can this be achieved?

Transforming On-the-Job Training with SERVICE AR 

Two important success factors in the production of pharmaceuticals apart from machines and local environment – are employees and workers. While production equipment and supporting technologies are essential  the workforce ultimately determines  success or failure in a production company. Every day, their actions have a corresponding impact on the outcomes and final achievements of the company. Truly, no manufacturer that produces pharmaceuticals can do without employees – no matter how automated the facility already is.

While it is already common in other industries to embrace augmented reality in their operations, the technology has not yet gained a foothold in Pharma manufacturing. Industry players should seriously consider focusing on these technological opportunities as they could be beneficial for transforming how workers collaborate, solve problems, access and manage information, or how they organize and conduct training or onboarding.

Integrating augmented reality into the manufacturing process of pharmaceuticals will reduce costs of manufacturing due to greater efficiency and less errors during operations. Less retraining saves money too, as keeping workers more engaged during the training will lead to better retention of the trained material. In order to make Pharma 4.0 and reach its full potential, it is necessary to explore new ways of leveraging augmented reality for improved efficiency and productivity along the whole manufacturing process. 

There are also many other applications for augmented reality,
especially in the field of Pharma manufacturing…

AR and VR training is on the rise!

Improved: AR Training on Site

Various augmented reality features can help with gaining more insights into the procedures of a manufacturing company, leading to better prepared workers, less errors, and better results. This functionality lets your workforce see and feel the real setting while still providing complementary digitized information.

Virtual: VR Training and Education

Allows workers to simulate complex or hazardous chemical incident scenarios in manufacturing facilities that would expose them to a high degree of risk, therefore reducing injuries and diseases in Pharma manufacturing.

External: AR remote assistance

Augmented reality support and collaboration allows the expert to immediately assist in dealing with a wide array of situations and specific tasks of the manufacturing process without having to be physically present.

Transferring knowledge in pharmaceutical manufacturing

What if, instead of going through pages or scrolling through an online manual, you could simply see your way through a task? Augmented reality provides the missing link between data somewhere in your company and the location where it is most relevant. To keep your employees skills and knowledge up to date, training employees and workers now becomes easier thanks to our augmented reality solution for manufacturers, SERVICE AR.

Accelerate knowledge transfer with augmented reality by easily monitoring training quality with AR digital workflows, connecting with partners and suppliers through AR remote assistance, and keeping information and data perfectly visible through AR IoT data visualization. SERVICE AR does not require additional hardware infrastructure and delivers instant benefits!

To make onboarding and on-the-job training easier, workers can follow digital work instructions which outline the main steps of a process. Setting up instructions for even the most elaborate and complex processes is simple. You can create standardized workflows in the Admin dashboard within SERVICE AR. To learn more about SERVICE AR and get demo access – click here.

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