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Augmented reality wayfinding at Herning Library

The mission of the Herning Library in Denmark is to provide education and culture in a new and modern way. With a state-of-the-art organization and communication approach it aims to combine latest technologies with knowledge gathered from books. Especially for children and young adults. For this, Herning Library set up augmented reality wayfinding provided by VIEWAR across the location. 

The “Herning Bibliotekerne” is one of the largest public libraries in Denmark. When it moved  to the city center in 2014, it became a central and modern community center at the heart of Herning. Above all, one main objective of the move was to create more life in this part of the city. After a complete renovation, the library now features five kilometers of shelving. Containing 450.000 items in approx. 6.000 m2 distributed across four floors. Impressive numbers, right? But there also is a challenge for the library. But, how to provide orientation for library visitors across such a large space?

The challenge: digital education, inclusion and enabling

Libraries all over the world are usually rather complex buildings. They can be hard to navigate around, not only for students and employees. But also for visitors and maintenance staff. What is more, customized information needs for individuals, student groups, teachers and facility personnel should be met. However, you cannot simply put every detail on a sign. A digital information distribution device would be way more helpful. What is more, the recent pandemic of course did not spare educational institutions, such as libraries. As a result, social distancing and increased health measures impede effective communication and orientation for visitors. In combination with ongoing budget restrictions in the public sector, staff shortage in libraries is a latent challenge for such organizations.  

Client: Herning Library 
Denmark (HCB)
Location size: total 6.000 m2
Scan size (current): 1900 m2
Project: INDOAR,
augmented reality wayfinding
and location based 
info inside the library
Implementation time: 3days

Watch the video: Augmented Reality wayfinding with VIEWAR in the Herning Library

The Solution: augmented reality wayfinding

In order to provide innovative wayfinding technology at the library, the Herning Library used INDOAR to set up an augmented reality indoor navigation app. With this application, visitors can use their smartphones or tablets and be guided to specific sections, community areas and self-service stations across the library. Making their stay more enjoyable and at the same time efficient. For the proof of concept, the library scanned about one third (1.900m2) of the whole building in about two days with a Matterport 3D scanner.

After subsequent data processing, Herning created its first app version for testing in no longer than one day. Various Points-of-Interest were created, e.g. for thematic library sections, the scanner-printer area and facilities, as well as a demo tour. Herning Library tested visual positioning to initialize the navigation from different starting points. And, of course, the augmented reality wayfinding, with the GuideBOT and a simple navigation line were tested using an iPad. 

´We are very happy that Herning Library took on the challenge of implementing our out-of-the-box AR indoor navigation. Using Matterport and VIEWAR – they are now creating AR wayfinding in their library and about to roll out the solution to their visitors. 

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