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Indoor Navigation for Improving Productivity in Logistics Companies


Indoor navigation plays a pivotal role in the success of any organization, particularly in the logistics industry where time is a critical factor. Navigating through expansive and intricate industrial facilities poses a significant challenge for employees and logistics professionals, leading to potential time wastage, delays, and frustration. In the contemporary fast-paced business environment, optimizing productivity and efficiency becomes imperative, making the implementation of effective indoor navigation solutions essential.

Indoor Navigation to Improve efficiency

INDOAR‘s technology provides real-time information and guidance to employees, logistics professionals and other facility users to find the way in the most complex and unfamiliar environments. 

Maintenance and cleaning personnel, delivery drivers and couriers, inspectors and auditors, educational groups, customers and clients, and even emergency responders can all benefit from INDOAR’s indoor navigation system.

For example, logistics professionals can use it to optimize their routes, delivery drivers and couriers can use it to locate specific areas, loading docks or receiving areas, and maintenance and cleaning personnel can use it to move around the facility for cleaning specific areas or performing maintenance on equipment. This helps to reduce delays and improve overall facility operations.


INDOAR‘s indoor navigation system can be customized to meet the specific needs of different groups of people. This means that organizations can tailor the system to their own unique requirements, making it even more effective.

For example, a logistics company can customize the system to optimize routes for delivery drivers and couriers, providing real-time information about traffic, construction, and other obstacles. This can help reduce delivery times and improve overall efficiency.

 An industrial facility can customize the system to provide real-time information about equipment maintenance and cleaning schedules, which can help reduce downtime and improve overall facility operations.

Extensions for improved productivity

INDOAR‘s indoor navigation system can also be integrated with other systems and technologies, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This allows organizations to collect data and analyze it in real-time. It can help improve decision-making, optimize operations, and increase overall efficiency.

By integrating with an ERP system, a facility manager can monitor and track inventory, equipment usage, and maintenance schedules. This can help identify areas where inventory levels are low, equipment is being overused, or maintenance is needed, and make adjustments to improve overall operations.

An integration with IoT devices can also provide organizations with valuable data on facility usage, such as the number of people in a given area, the amount of foot traffic, and the length of time people spend in a specific area. This can help organizations optimize operations and improve overall efficiency.


INDOAR offers organizations a powerful tool for improving productivity and efficiency in industrial facilities. The ability to be customized for specific needs of different groups of people, makes it a valuable tool for improving overall facility operations and logistics processes.

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