Bang & Olufsen launches “BeoHome Design”

E JAugmented Reality

Together with ViewAR, Bang & Olufsen built an interactive tool, which combines Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies.

The BeoHome Design app allows clients to configure their individual Bang & Olufsen products in 3D, see them from all perspectives and place them directly into their own rooms using the camera mode. Even detailed animations and product functionalities are integrated that show movements of TVs and play videos. This allows clients to get a perfect impression of the size, height and colour options of the products.

With the room builder function, clients can virtually define their room layout and can integrate the entire Bang & Olufsen product collection. After the configuration of their idea living space, clients can save it in the app, send it directly a Bang & Olufsen store or mail it to friends. The social media function allows the sharing of the configuration via facebook, Google+, Twitter or Pinterest.

Customers and staff alike are impressed about the 3D visualisation technology, especially when we show the television models in AR and start the playing mode, the animations bring the products to life. It is an engaging and creative way to learn about our products and show how customisable they are to fit perfectly into their home.

Augmented Reality as a chance and challenge

E JAugmented Reality

How companies can use Augmented Reality and what they should be aware of

Just a few years ago Augmented Reality (AR) was just exclusively reserved for science fiction fans. But the future shown there has become reality. Corporate people everywhere are enthusiastic about the possibilities Augmented Reality can offer, but at the same time we warm up our financial calculation skills. So what do companies need to consider if they want to take the first step into an exciting new Augmented Reality future?

Augmented Reality as a marketing tool

Pokemon has shown how AR can affect people around the world. Companies like Apple, Microsoft or Ikea have already recognized that we are on the verge of re-establishing our entire understanding of marketing, brand awareness and customer service. Product visualization in an unprecedented dimension and the embedding of products in real environments directly transport the benefits of business ideas to the point of sale, thus shortening the sales process dramatically. Shorter decision-making cycles and less buyer’s remorse driven by highly authentic product experiences mean faster money, higher customer satisfaction and thus a better connection to the customer.